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A Pittsburgh winter is known by three things: cold wind, slush and GRAY SKIES. Those three things mixed together for a long period of time can get even the most energized person a little bit down in the dumps. While regular exercise, sleep and communication with our loved ones are the sure-fire ways to get us out of any seasonal funk, these adorable pups can give you the quick pick me up you may need in order to keep yourself smiling!

Ella Miyoko (@ella.m.thegoldengirl)

Have you ever seen sunshine embodied? If you need some adorable pictures of a golden retriever to get you through the day you need to click on this adorable pup! Ella is trained as a therapy dog, and between her cute outfits and beautiful golden smile, you’ll be sure to feel your heart warm!

Gatsby Jay (@pupnamedgatsby)

Not to oversaturate you with golden retrievers, but I don’t think I have met a funnier dog than Gatsby. Gatsby is such a lovable dog whose pictures are sure to make you laugh out loud. Though I might know him and his mom personally, I can truly say that this little puppy brings a ton of joy to everyone he meets. He was adopted from our local shelter 2 years ago and he reminds us every day why we should adopt and not shop!

Lucy (@ohthatlucylab)

I don’t think I have ever seen a dog smile so much! Based right here in Pittsburgh, Lucy is a chocolate lab with the most infectious smile! Follow this account for cute bandanas, lots of adventures and her puppy friends!

Obi-Wan the Bernese Jedi Dog (@berninlove)

Ok, I might be biased with this one too. I have wanted a Bernese Mountain Dog for years, and have been begging my partner to let us get one once we get our own place. BUT how can you look at this boy and not want to smush his face? If you want updates on a truly majestic dog, (and we know you want to) follow him right now!

Boone (@a.miracle.named.boone)

If you are in the business of actively advocating against animal cruelty, this is the dog to follow. Boone tragically lost his back legs to abuse, but he now has an amazing family who loves him to the moon and back. He is now rolling across the land on some sick new wheels! Follow him for all his adventures and his work with his mom to end animal cruelty! All in some super cute bow ties!

Lucie (@pghtherapypup)

I like smushed faces. You like smushed faces. We ALL like a smushed face. Lucie is a French bulldog who is ruling the world with her model poses and antics. I got to visit her one day during a therapy dogs event, and it was one of the best days of my life. She has amazing energy and an adorable smile. Follow her for awesome facial expressions and sleepy poses that will melt your heart.

Tillie and Nora (@sweetbulldogsisters)

A two for one?! Get on this page now everyone! Tillie and Nora are some of the cutest sisters in town. Between matching outfits and cuddles, these little nuggets of sunshine are sure to cheer you up with every fold on their face!

Tucker (@thetuckerdood)

Do you understand what a goldendoodle is? Joy, that’s what! For some reason, goldendoodles make me know that every day is going to be a good day; their tiny little smiles just make me laugh so much. Tucker’s photos just make me crack up and they’re just what I need to brighten my day!

South Park Sid (@southpark.sid)

If you are looking to follow more stories of dogs who are beating the odds, follow Sid! He suffered a jaw injury early in his life that was never addressed. But in the loving arms of a new family, Sid is getting the help that he needs! Follow for some of the most heart-warming pictures and to see how you can help the family! You won’t regret it!

Buckley Walker Shaw (@buckley_the_dalmation)

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, I was obsessed with 101 Dalmatians. It was quite easily my favorite movie. I think the sheer number of speckled puppies was the form of heaven my tiny baby brain could comprehend the most easily. If you want to be transported to that pure bliss, follow Buckley! He definitely knows the secrets to the universe; I know it.

A FL native, attempting to survive the Pitt weather. If I'm not out fighting the patriarchy, I'm probably watching Classic Disney films and/or searching for some decent Latin food.
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