The Year to Make Your Resolutions Into Reality


Happy New Year! It’s the time of year to once again make new year resolutions. Often times we set resolutions that seem so unrealistic and set them with the mindset of breaking them. However, this year why not change it up a bit and actually, accomplish your resolutions? Here are some ideas on how to make your resolutions more achievable.

A popular resolution you hear from many people is to start working out. Many people try to fulfill this resolution by getting a gym pass or joining yoga classes. However, we all know how this turns out. After a few months, many start to lose the motivation to go to the gym or to those classes, and soon this resolution slowly fades out of your life. You can still make working out one of your resolutions, but just be more lenient on yourself. Instead of applying for the gym and going full-on hardcore on this resolution, why not try doing little workouts once or twice a week and then slowly build up, making working out something you enjoy? By slowing incorporating working out into your life little by little, you won’t be feeling overwhelmed, and this would no longer be the resolution that seems impossible to achieve.​



Another popular resolution is to start eating healthier. It is common to see people try and start new diets, but how often do these people actually stick with these diets? There are some who succeed, but most people say they succumb back to their old eating habits. Once again, my tip to you would be to not be like a race car that charges full speed at the beginning and loses acceleration fast. Instead start off this resolution slowly. You can start by incorporating more vegetables into your meal, by reducing the amount of food you consume, or picking the healthier choice when you go out for food. Just start with a small change.


The new year is also a time many people find perfect for trying to learn something new. It can be a language, a sport, an instrument, or just a cool talent. Learning something new, no matter when you start, is actually pretty difficult. It is easy to give up. My tip to you would be to keep an agenda, write down your schedule, and add in what you want to learn into your schedule. You don’t have to do it every day. Three to four times a week is plenty, but then after a few months it will be like a routine for you, so then you can slowly add more time for learning that certain thing. It may be hard to keep with it in the beginning, but I promise, if you stick with it for a while it will get easier!


These are just tips for some of the most common resolutions! I know that all resolutions do seem intimidating and unreachable, but just think about the results and let that motivate you. Resolutions are supposed to be for the better, so don’t push yourself too hard. Remember to be happy, to enjoy the process of making your resolution into part of your lifestyle, and to take things slowly so that your resolutions won’t seem like an impossible mountain to climb and conquer!