The World Needs Us


The world needs our help. With ISIS suicide bombings in Lebanon, an earthquake in Japan, terrist bombings in Paris, a hurricane in Mexico, and suicide bombings in Baghdad, I will continue to bow my head in prayer for all the lives lost from these horrific events and the immeasurable pain their loved ones must be facing. It is my greatest hope that, by sharing this with you, you can send well wishes of love, hope, and strength to the world as well. When safety is limited and control is inaccessible, comfort and understanding can help ease the pain of so many suffering from an abundance of worldwide devistation. It is up to us to leave a piece of our hearts in any place the world is hurting to help make the it whole again.


Let's let our love and strength overtake the hate and pain the world is facing. Let's hope for a better tomorrow, and help ensure that this world sees the light amongst all the darkness.


Pray for Lebanon.

Pray for Japan.

Pray for Paris.

Pray for Mexico.

Pray for Baghdad.

Pray for the world.