Why Disney + Has the Worst Release Date

In case you didn’t know, Disney is coming for my paychecks with their very own streaming service called Disney +. The launch date for the service is Nov. 12 and nothing has ever made me more upset than that terrible release date.




Well to answer that question you need to see the list of movies that will be on Disney +, most importantly the Halloween Movies. Disney + will soon be home to all the classic Disney Halloween movies; Hocus Pocus, Twitches, Twitches Too, Halloweentown, all the sequels, as well as my personal favorite modern Disney monster film; Girl vs. Monster. 


And we can’t watch any of them through the service during Spooktober. 


When I first saw the list of movies all I could think about was how I was going to be able to relive my childhood of Disney’s 31 Days of Halloween, in the comfort of my dorm room every night with a classic movie being streamed, but alas it was not to be. 


I had quickly gotten over my initial, nope-not-today-Disney, mentality when I first heard about Disney +. One because it’s a known fact that Disney owns me and my money, but also because it’s actually not that expensive. It’s less than Netflix! 

Photo by Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash


But I think being released less than two weeks after October was a terrible move, and I will stay mad about it till the end of days. But thankfully, I will have plenty of chances to watch some of my favorite Disney movies and tv shows once the streaming service is released. I may just never watch a non-Disney show again with Cadet Kelly, Lilo and Stitch, Phil of the Future, and so many other Disney productions at my fingertips. 


Plus, there’s never a wrong time to watch Twitches.