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What Introverts need to know about Extroverts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pepperdine chapter.

1. We love conversation and value it very much.


A common belief that people have is that extroverts talk way too much, and the fact is, we do. We love to talk and know the value of a good conversation. We’d rather stay away from awkward silences, hence the reason we always fill those spaces in with conversation. Many accuse us of only having small talk, but the fact is we don’t. We love long and deep conversations just as much as the next person. The one issue we always bump into in this daily life is the use of social media. Everyone is always on their phone, and I am guilty of that as well. So many people are always distracted by their phones, and it’s no wonder why we get annoyed and frustrated when our friends are on it. We want face to face conversations! We especially dislike when going out and having the person we are hanging out with on their phone. As an extrovert, my love language is quality time, I love to spend time with the people that I am with; therefore, put your phone away! If you’re quiet and are friends with an extrovert or dating an extrovert, remember that we talk because we want to know you and spend time with you.

2. Social Media has many limitations

Social media has taken over our lives. Everyone has friends (or should have a few really good ones), but social connections are more meaningful side by side than in a virtual reality. Extroverts tend to have a lot of friends, but we love to hang out with our friends in person, rather than counting the number of friends on Facebook or Instagram. As I mentioned before, we’d rather have a face to face interaction, than having one over the screen of our phones.


3. It’s true, we love the spotlight

Yes, we love the spotlight, but not all the time. We love the spotlight for being praised. Our out-going personality is energized by the people around us. Many would think extroverts are shallow because they are always seeking attention, but that’s not really the case. Being around a lot of people gives me energy and keeps me alert. When I am by myself, I become lazy and am extremely bored. We enjoy the spotlight because it allows for more adventures and gives us many opportunities to make new friends.


4. We get bored so easily

Being by ourselves or somewhere quiet sometimes drives us crazy; however, at times we do need our quiet moments. We like having people around, seeing them, and hearing them. Unlike introverts, the presence of others allows us to charge our batteries. Believe it or not, sometimes extroverts work better in places where there are a lot of noises rather than complete silence. I’ve had many of those experiences. I could never work or study alone and always needed to be with others to keep my focus. When I’m left alone I become bored, and my thoughts tend to wander on other topics rather than my assignment. Introverts who are friends with extroverts always tend to have to remind them to give them their alone time. What introverts also need to understand about extroverts is that we like spending time with you, from the beginning of the day until the end. If we didn’t, we would try and end the day earlier; however, extroverts spending time with you (introverts) demonstrates how much we enjoy your presence and are energized by being around you.


5. In the name of Love~ compromise for your extrovert

Loving an extrovert isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes we drive you crazy. However, if you love an extrovert, you’ll soon learn that finding some balance and compromise goes a long way. Compromising also goes a long way when it comes to arguments. Extroverts love to talk, and if you are in a fight with them and you’re an introvert, be prepared for a long stubborn and talked-out conversation. Having open communication is important, especially between an introvert and extrovert who are dating. There is so much you can do as both a couple and a group of friends. Each party needs to learn to compromise for the other and in return, life becomes that much easier.

Hola, mi llamo Marissa Hernandez. Hey, I'm Marissa Hernandez, and I am a senior studying Psychology at Pepperdine University. I am involved and an active member of Alpha Kappa Psi, Business Fraternity and I am currently working on campus through the theater department. I am very passionate about art and working with children. I hope to one day open my own center that is primarily focused on children and teens, through the involvement of art, sports, cooking, and other fun activities. I personally believe that community and communication with their peers who have similar interest, is the most effective way of therapy. Besides my personal interest in the future, in my free time I love to socialize with my friends, paint, eat food, and cook. I have a habit of having dinner parties every weekend about 10-15 of our closest friends, in which I cook large feast of Mexican food or other types of foods. I have an addiction to Sawtelle, in which you might catch my in the wee hours of the night getting Tatsu or wintermelon boba. I am pretty easy to find on campus, since I never go a day without wearing a single flower or a lot of flowers in my hair.