Trendy Brunchin' in LA

Ron Swanson says that, “There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food,” and he’s absolutely right – which is why today’s article from #HCPepperdine is all about the trendiest brunch places in LA. Let’s face it, as college students, getting up early on a weekend is a massive struggle, and as young Millennials, we appreciate both food and good vibes. Hence brunch: the perfect combination of not-too-early and breakfast cuisine. Without further ado, here are five trendy places to get brunch in LA:

1. Catch

There’s no trendier way to eat than brunch on a rooftop overlooking West Hollywood, and that’s why Catch makes it to the top of the list. With celebrities pouring in throughout the day and night, the brunch menu will be sure not to disappoint.

2. PYT

With cuisine created by chef Josef Centeno, there’s something for everyone at this restaurant. Their brunch is completely affordable even for struggling college students and offers an array of breakfast foods with specialties in the vegetarian sector – perfect for health conscious individuals.

3. Salt’s Cure

Meat lovers unite! As one of the most popular brunch restaurants in LA, this has to be on your bucket list especially if you love meat. According to Eater Los Angeles, Salt’s Cure has some of “LA’s best bacon and terrific oatmeal pancakes,” and it also has the perfect vibe that you will “want to linger in for hours.”

4. The Chicken or the Egg

Chicken for brunch, anyone? Perhaps the most ingenious idea for brunch, The Chicken or the Egg provides gourmet breakfast food with specialties in chicken and egg for reasonable prices. The restaurant also has such a large space, you can bring a large group of friends and be seated almost instantly.

5. Ollo

This one's right in our own backyard. The transformation from Coogies has definitely given this restaurant the trendy facelift it so desperately needed. Now known as Ollo, the restaurant sports a very trendy bar with a full bar and lounge seats. In fact, the #HCPepperdine team just had a brunch bonding event there and we absolutely enjoyed the food.