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Transfer 101- 5 Things NSO doesn’t teach you

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pepperdine chapter.

Transferring into a University is an exciting time in one’s life. If you are anything like me, you have worked hard at a community college to transfer to your dream school. Once the excitement wears off and reality sinks in, changing colleges halfway through your education- becomes daunting, to say the least.  Pepperdine is a small campus and feeling like you fit in can be hard. After New Student Orientation finishes, here are 5 things you need to know to make your time at Pepperdine smooth sailing!

1.Make as many connections as possible

Making new connections with your classmates is incredibly important. It is always advised to get to know those you sit next to and those you see in your other classes regularly to make sure you continue to foster and build those relationships. Besides your classmates, it’s also important to get to know the transfer staff, OneStop, your advisor, and your major-related professors. They will be invaluable to your transition here at Pepperdine, and many are willing to go above and beyond to help make sure you fit in.

2.Join clubs on campus

Joining clubs on campus, especially when it comes to your interests and hobbies, is critical to help you jump into the student body here at Pepperdine, and to make similar connections that those who have already been here for two years already have.  Belonging to a club or Greek life can help your transition become easier. Try to join your first semester at Pepperdine, don’t hesitate or wait for another semester to pass, as it will get harder to become involved.

3.Make time to spend at school studying

Living off campus can be hard because you don’t have your dorm and necessities close by like those that live on campus. But don’t let that hinder you because you should make time to study on campus so that other students can see you around, allowing your relationships and your presence on campus to grow. Not only is this a great socializing benefit, but it also helps you, as a commuter student, feel more a part of Pepperdine.

4.Explore Pepperdine’s Campus

Though you have a few days of NSO to get your feet wet on learning where Pepperdine’s campus and acronyms are/mean, it’s truly not enough to blend into the usual student crowd. Exploring in-between class breaks is incredibly important to help avoid not knowing where a location is when it’s mentioned to you. Use the Pepperdine app to help you locate bus schedules and where they drop off and pick up. Know where a great study spot is, where food is sold, and most importantly where the best places to park are!

5.Travel Abroad

You may be behind your fellow juniors who just got back from their year abroad as sophomores, but don’t let that deflate you! Traveling abroad is one of the most invaluable experiences in your college years. Pepperdine has a comprehensive International Program where you can study in many amazing countries. This experience helps foster personal relationships, contributes to mature who you are, and allows you to experience cultures you may not have a chance to learn as thoroughly.