Spend Money Now; Save Later

A lack of decent sleep, a diet of ramen and a generally depressing bank account; these are just three hallmarks of the average college student. Nonetheless we find a way to reason with ourselves that a little shopping won’t hurt. This may be very true but depending on how you spend your money and exercise frugality, it might just hurt later. 


Getting bang for your buck, more for less, getting yourmoney’s worth; these are the ideas you probably keep in mind when you go shopping. Four shirts for 30 bucks instead of one for 40? Sounds like a good deal, but you have to ask yourselfabout quality. How long will those four shirts last? What material are they made of? And now,anotherimportant question,how sustainable are they? 

Sustainable fashion is becoming more and more common -- as it should be. The big issue,the sticker shock that comes with wanting to shop sustainably. Thrift shopping is always an option for hopefully lower prices, but thrifting isn’t for everyone. Companies are now making clothes from recycled, ethically sourced, and eco-friendly materials, but that doesn’t always reducethe price tag. 


This is where the mottos in our head need to change from more for less, to quality over quantity. 


You may not be able to buy as much during your shopping spree, but you’ll think about what you’re paying for rather than going into a mindless frenzy and that can help you save money in the end. You won’t end up buying four shirts, a few of which you might wear once then forget about, but you will end up having a high-quality shirt that’s versatile, sustainable, and,most importantly,won’t end up in the trash a few months later. 


Sometimes the sustainable option can be less expensive and good quality if you know where to look. 


Take a pair of sneakers for example. A new pair of popular white sneakers like Nike or Adidas easily go for more than a hundred dollars without shipping or tax, but Tread by Everlane only costs $98. Only one of these optionshassoles made from 94.2% non-virgin plastic, andlaces and linings from recycled bottles according to their website. And yes, that would be the cheaper, $98 Tread by Everlane. 

Taken from https://www.everlane.com/tread#about


So, before you buy based on name and perhaps the lower price tag, take a minute to think about the impact your decision will have on your financial future, and the earth’s.