Product Review: Moroccanoil Champagne Color Depositing Mask

After dying my hair Rose Gold with the Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask, I wanted to try out another color. So, I waited a few weeks for the rose gold to fade and decided to try out the champagne color next!

I used the same routine as the rose gold mask; I washed my hair that night and towel-dried it to where it was not soaking wet anymore. Then, I sectioned off my hair and applied the mask mainly to the ends of my hair where it was lightest. My favorite part about the mask is that it is ammonia and bleach-free and it has oils and proteins to keep your hair happy and healthy! I left it on for ten minutes, then thoroughly rinsed out my hair in the shower. 

This temporary dye left my hair feeling soft and smelling nice. However, my hair was not as deeply affected by the dye. I have noticed a slight darkening of the ends of my hair, but not as much as I had hoped or expected. So, if your hair is dirty blonde like mine I wouldn’t count on this color to have too much affect on your hair if any. Next, I will be trying the cocoa shade of dye and (hopefully) it will darken my hair a bit more!