Pepperdine Shows You Don't Want to Miss

Photo from The Graphic

Pepperdine is a great place to find different types of entertainment. Smothers Theatre plays host to many varying shows throughout the academic year. Here are a few that are going on or coming up soon that you do not want to miss!

1. Dance in Flight (DIF): This student dance company has a series of shows once a year during the spring semester. The dancers never fail to leave the audience in amazement and the choreography is always astounding! This year, the company produced a particularly interesting show, as the theme is 1960s social movements and how they relate to our present-day social movements. If you missed this year's production, be sure to be on the look out for next year's tickets come fall semester. 

2. Songfest: This event also occurs once a year and is also produced by students. It is also choreographed and performed by students. It is a fun musical theater event that has been a university student tradition since 1973. You can see it from March 14-18, 2017.

3. Pepperdine Wind Ensemble: A show by a student ensemble that is free and will take place on March 23, 2017.

4. Pepperdine Theatre: The Interference: Be sure to check out the Pepperdine Theatre spring production of the Scotsman Fringe First Award-winning play; it will be the U.S. premiere of the play, as well. It will be showing in Smothers from April 5-8, 2017.

5.  The Pickford Ensemble: Check out the Pepperdine students who make up this ensemble on April 10, 2017. Learn more about this unique ensemble here

6. Pepperdine Jazz Ensemble: If you like jazz, you will not want to miss this ensemble's music on April 17, 2017. The Pepperdine Jazz Ensemble consists of both student and faculty musicians. 

7. Lea Salonga: Yes, the award-winning singer will be on Pepperdine's campus come April 18, 2017. Although her performance is already sold out, you can join a waiting list online!