The Pepperdine Mountain Lion Saga in Relation to Harry Potter

The mountain line buzz around Pepperdine has been constant these past few weeks. In between the seemingly nearly nightly email updates from DPS and friends talking about their own "near-encounters" with the wild animal, the news is almost as prominent as news apps updates about President Trump! The shuttles are now fuller at night and the wait for rides from DPS is way longer than the pre-mountain lion era. With so many night classes going on at Pepperdine, it is hard not to think that you will personally come face to face with the animal while walking back to your car. Here are a few Harry Potter-related thoughts you may have had while waiting to be attacked by a mountain lion on campus (admit it, we are all thinking that that is plausible). 

1. Speed-walking to the car with this mountain lion lurking around is like trying to get somewhere without looking into the Basilisk's eyes! It's as if you are half awaiting a run-in with the creature, and praying and hoping that you don't come across a pair of yellow eyes staring back at you.

2. In another reference to Chamber of Secrets, one friend reminded me that running to your car is also similar to Harry and Ron running away from Aragog's many many many many spider children. Too bad we don't have an enchanted car to come save us from the CCB stairs! (PS: Thanks for the reference, Irene!)

3. Let's talk about the Dementors! Avoid the mountain lion like the Hogwarts students avoided the dementors! An encounter with it would probably be just as scary as one with a Dementor (so long as it was before their alliance with Voldemort). 

4. And let's not forget about the Death Eaters themselves... I guess the mountain lion doesn't seem so bad in comparison to them, right? 

5. No matter what, avoid the mountain lion like you would avoid Voldemort!!!!!!!!! Okay, just kidding... There is no need to be dramatic!

(GIFs from Giphy)