My Top 5 Fall Candles from Target

I have come to the realization that I have a problem...a candle problem. I am utterly obsessed with Target’s fall candles this year and may or may not have purchased 15+ since they were released. Now one might conclude that I am crazy upon reading that last statement, however, I prefer the term “candle connoisseur.” As your local candle connoisseur, it is my duty and privilege to inform you of my 5 favorite fall candles from Target this year.


#5, “Harvest” by Hearth & Hand. This candle smells like cinnamon and ~spices~ up any room it’s in! It’s from the Magnolia line in Target (shout out to Chip & Jo & my hometown). It comes in many different types of containers but I got the stemless, copper, wine glass-esque jar and it has a cute monogram of its name on the side. I got a 12.3 oz, single-wick candle for $15.


#4, “Harvest Pumpkin & Clove” by Opalhouse. This candle is a healthy blend of citrus and cinnamon and comes in the cutest iridescent jar! I was surprised when I smelled it because, contrary to its name, it doesn’t smell like pumpkin at all in my opinion. However, I still think it smells lovely and adds a fun and bright aesthetic to your fall decor! I got a 14 oz, single-wick candle for $15.


#3, “Fireside” by Hearth & Hand. Another candle from the Magnolia line (can you tell I’m from Waco?). This one has a more outdoorsy scent with lots of balsam coming through. I adore it! It came in the same cute, monogrammed, copper jar that “Harvest” did. I got a 12.3 oz, single-wick candle for $15.  

#2, “Crushed Apple & Spice” by Opalhouse. This candle smells like cinnamon apple pie and if you know me you know I love me some apple pie. It comes in an adorable iridescent jar as the previous Opalhouse candle does. I got a 14 oz single-wick candle for $15.

Finally, #1, “Warm Cider” by Threshold. I kid you not I audibly gasped when I smelled this candle. It smells just like apple cider, so much so that I ran over to the Keurig aisle and got some apple cider k-cups right after putting this candle in my cart. Not only does it exceed in the fragrance realm, but it comes in the CUTEST pumpkin-shaped jar that makes you feel so warm and cozy in your fall vibes. I got a 12 oz, 2-wick candle for $10.