My New Year’s Six and other Bowl Game Picks

Warning: If you do not care about college football, there is no point in reading this article.


While Pepperdine may not have a football team, it doesn’t mean no one at Pepperdine cares about college football. You can find me watching or listening in to every Baylor game.


College football season is once again going by too fast. But, with the end approaching it allows us to make some exciting choices: bowl game predictions. The current College Football Playoff rankings are as such:

  1. LSU (10-0)

  2. Ohio State (10-0)

  3. Clemson (11-0)

  4. Georgia (9-1)

  5. Alabama (9-1)

  6. Oregon (9-1)

  7. Utah (9-1)

  8. Penn State (9-1)

  9. Oklahoma (9-1)

  10. Minnesota (9-1)

  11. Florida (9-2)

  12. Wisconsin (8-2)

  13. Michigan (8-2)

  14. Baylor (9-1)

  15. Auburn (7-3)

  16. Notre Dame (8-2)

  17. Iowa (7-3)

  18. Memphis (9-1)

  19. Cincinnati (9-1)

  20. Boise State (9-1)

  21. Oklahoma State (7-3)

  22. Iowa State (6-4)

  23. USC (7-4)

  24. App State (9-1)

  25. SMU (9-1)

Some big bowls games are:

  • Camping World Bowl (Big 12 v. ACC/ND)

  • Alamo Bowl (Big 12 v. Pac-12)

  • Holiday Bowl (Big Ten v. Pac-12)

  • Belk Bowl (SEC v. ACC)

  • Citrus Bowl (Big Ten v. SEC)

  • Outback Bowl (Big Ten v. SEC)

  • Gator Bowl (SEC v. ACC/Big Ten/ND)

With the current rankings and remaining schedules for each team, I currently have these predictions:

  • Camping World Bowl (Baylor v. Notre Dame)

  • Alamo Bowl (Texas v. Washington)

  • Holiday Bowl (Michigan v. USC)

  • Belk Bowl (Tennessee v. Virginia Tech)

  • Citrus Bowl (Wisconsin v. Texas A&M)

  • Outback Bowl ( Indiana  v. Auburn)

  • Gator Bowl ( Mississippi State (if they get more wins) v. Iowa)

These are the New Year’s Six bowl games:

  • Cotton Bowl Classic (2 teams from Power 5 Conference)

  • Fiesta Bowl (CFP Semifinal)

  • Peach Bowl (CFP Semifinal)

  • Orange Bowl (ACC v. Big Ten/SEC/ND)

  • Rose Bowl (Big Ten v. Pac 12)

  • Sugar Bowl (Big 12 v. SEC)

With the current rankings and the remaining schedules for each team, I currently have these New Year’s Six predictions:

  • Cotton Bowl Classic: Cincinnati v. Georgia

  • Fiesta Bowl: Ohio State v. Clemson

  • Peach Bowl: LSU v. Oregon

  • Orange Bowl: Virginia v. Florida 

  • Rose Bowl: Penn State v. Utah

  • Sugar Bowl: Oklahoma v. Alabama 

And, then there is the CFP championship game (Fiesta Bowl winner v. Peach Bowl winner). For this, I think LSU will play and defeat Ohio State.


Some of this will probably change after this weekend, but these are my picks for now! What do you predict?