Memes every Pepperdine student understands

MEMES that we all understand as college students


For most college students, money is something that is very tight. We work, save and spend it on things we like. Being a college student isn't easy and our time is always being used up. 

Yes!!! This is perhaps one of the most wonderful feelings very. The feeling of finally being done with your studying after spending days and losing sleep as a result. I can't begin to explain the countless hours I've lost sleep over an exam and when you can finally say you're done and ready to start vaction is the best. 

It's already stressful enough having to study for an exam, but it doesn't help when professors decide to give you several exams on the same day. It's even more stressful when it's during finals week.

The most frustrating thing about getting ready for school is having to buy your books. Yes you can rent your books, but sometimes professors require us to get a book that we can't even rent. 

I believe that we've all had this exact issue in some of our group projects before. There is always that one member who does all the work while sometimes the other chip in here and there. 

The fear of paying back loans because we couldn't fully afford to pay for our college education. 

Writing those cover letters and editing our resumes doesn't guarantee we'll get a job right after college. It does take time and for those of us who are lucky enough to find a job after, well that's great for you. For the rest of us, we'll keep applying for those jobs and writing those cover letters.