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Having a Dog as a Student

It’s been a while since you last saw our Her Campus mascot, Nouba, so here is a feature featuring her! Having a dog is great, and more often than not, I am only grateful to have her in Malibu with me… However, it isn’t always easy. If you’re thinking of getting a dog or any pet soon, consider all of the aspects of doing an animal parent before doing so! These are the blank stages we students go through when we own a dog while in school.

1. You get the privilege of waking up to a cute little furball! How can you worry about the midterm you have in the afternoon when there’s a cute animal friend to keep you calm?

2. You run late to class because your dog decided to take a million years sniffing every tree and bush you passed by on the morning walk… “Excuse me, Nouba, can you hurry up?”

3. You have to give up a great parking spot on campus between classes because there is technically enough time to run home and take your dog out for a walk… Yes, you will feel guilty all day if you don’t do this.

4. You come home with hands full of books, bags, coffee, and keys only to find your dog barking to get your attention… “I know you’re there, Nouba, just a minute!”

5. Sometimes you have long days at work or an internship and have to ask your roomies to walk your dog for you… You know they love your dog, but still feel a twinge of guilt asking this favor.

6. You will feel guilty when your roommates describe how mopey your dog was before you returned home (even if you were only gone for an hour).

7. Your friends should expect that making plans with you often means making plans with Nouba… “Yes, she will be coming to Sunlife with us!” Then you wonder if they are actually just using you for your dog… Hmm… I guess I would use me for my dog too!

8. Let’s face it, dogs are incredible! Your dog is the most adorable thing on this planet, there is no friendship like the one you have with your dog, and you are so grateful to have a fan to go home to!


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Paola Ramos


I'm a Pepperdine University senior from Texas. I'm a Leo, a total dog lover, and an avid reader. Spanish is my first language, so I am bilingual and working on being trilingual (I just need to turn my conversational French into fluent French). I love to write; it's a way of life!
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