Five Unique Dessert Places in Beverly Hills

Malibu is wonderful, but every now and then it is a good idea to get out of town and visit the other cool areas of the Los Angeles area. For instance, Beverly Hills is a perfect weekend location! It is always a great place to walk around in, explore, and people watch. There are also quite a few good dessert places in the area that aren't dramatically expensive, and also very unique.

1. For instance, Ice Cream Lab is a liquid nitrogen ice cream spot. You can watch as your order is whipped up as soon as you order your ice cream combo. Tip: Try the blue velvet, it's their specialty!

2. Another great dessert place in the area is Sugarfina. You can find beautifully made candies that are unique and delicious. This is also a great spot to buy gifts for those special people in your life!

3. The Sprinkles ATM is a great place to go to for a late-night dessert run. 

4. Teuscher Chocolates & Café is a great place to find any of your chocolate desires. With many artisan chocolates to choose from, you will probably be taking many photos before opting to buy something for dessert. 

5. Bo Nuage is another dessert place in Beverly Hills that is unlike most you will find in other places. Here, you can find 'nuage cakes' (cloud cakes); these are beautiful desserts and will definitely be something different from the norm.