The Five Types of Bags Every College Woman Should Own

I think it's safe to assume that most women have known the struggle of getting dressed and ready in the morning only to realize they have no idea how to accessorize their outfits. We thought of everything except that one last detail, and chances are, we are already rushing to get out of the house. We get flustered and frustrated and attempt to come up with a solution by choosing our most neutral-colored handbag even though it is either too small or too large to really function for what we will be doing on that particular day. However, this problem can be solved easily! It's just a matter of owning the right accessories. There are five basic handbags that every collegiette should have in her closet to be prepared for any situation. 

1. Neutral-Colored Tote

This will be your life saver! You will use this on a daily basis to carry your laptop and notebook to class, and even to add a professional cherry on top of your outfits when going to an interview. Trust me, this is a great investment! I would suggest buying this one in black, but gray or beige could work, as well; just remember to consider your wardrobe when making the color choice and purchase the one that will go best with the majority of your clothes.

2. Neutral-Colored Satchel

For those days when you're lucky enough to not have to carry around your laptop and other heavy and bulky items, this bag will be your go-to. It's cute and chic enough to make you look put together, but also large enough to still maintain a casual vibe. I would go with a less common neutral for this one (i.e. navy, cream, or camel).

3. Colored Crossbody

Crossbodies are the best! They are super convenient to carry your most necessary belongings, but also more comfortable than the average purse. I suggest purchasing one in a fun color that will work for all seasons, like a jewel tone. This way, you will always have something to make your outfits pop!

4. Sparkly Clutch

We all need a sparkly clutch to take with us for nights out! This is a great way to tie an outfit together while also carrying your absolute essentials, like your ID, phone, and lipstick. It doesn't have to be sparkly, but you will probably have more fun with it if it is.

5. Backpack 

You never know when you are going to need a cute backpack to use as a carry-on! It will be useful for trips home, as well as for trips abroad because we should all be using this time to travel!