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Five Stages of Waiting for a Package

Five Stages of Waiting for a Package

I love getting packages. Even when I ordered them myself, it’s like a little tiny Christmas. And with Malibu so far away from everything, we all end up ordering a lot of packages. Here’s the emotional roller coaster we ride between pressing ‘place order’ and picking it up in the Sandbar. 

1: When it ships way faster than you expected.

“How did you ship already if I just ordered an hour ago and it’s three in the morning?”

2: When it’s been in LA for like three days already.

“How can you get across the country in a day and then sit 30 minutes away for three days? It’d be faster if I just picked you up from there.”

3: When it’s out for delivery.

Almost there….

4: When it’s finally delivered but it’s 4 o’clock on a Friday and now you have to wait until Monday. 


5: When you finally get the ‘Student Mailbox Area has a package for you’ email. 

“Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, perfect-start-to-the-week to me– Oh, wait. It’s just a textbook I ordered.”

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