Five Activities for the Perfect Spring Break

Who says you need to go to Cabo or Miami to have an awesome spring break? In truth, the perfect Spring Break is all about good times with friends, sleeping in, and binge-watching Netflix. But whether your plans involve travel or just spending time at home with the fam and old friends, #HCPepperdine has the scoop on five activities that’ll make your Spring Break be something to brag about.

1. Photoshoot with Friends

There’s no better way to brag about how much fun you’re having than by posting pictures on Instagram to prove it. Gather your friends and plan a day to walk through Insta-worthy places like Abbot Kinney or Melrose. 

2. Spa Day

After a week of midterms, projects, and presentation, a spa day is a much needed essential on your Spring Break bucket list. And I’m not just talking about your regular mani-pedis. Go to an actual spa, and get the full-body experience. It may be a splurge, but it is so worth it.

3. Café Hopping

There’s just something about sitting in a cozy café that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a different world. Maybe it’s the inviting smell of coffee or even your fellow café-goers. Café hopping is a fun thing to do, especially if you want to get a little work done or even catch up on some fun reading.

4. Exploring Uncharted Lands

By uncharted, I mean finally going to that one place that you’ve had bookmarked on Yelp for months. Now’s the time to complete your travel bucket list so why not put yourself out there? Need more motivation? In a week from now, you’ll probably need to start making your way back to school, so don’t go back with regrets.

5. Movie Marathon

Ah, the old classic movie marathon – always a good time! Do this activity with family or friends and spice it up with some baked goods or even setting up a little fort with fairy-lights and the works.