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In the midst of the overwhelming response to Trump’s victory, many people have lost hope for the future of this nation. Others, myself included, are simply expressing their beliefs on why this election was so upsetting, and yes we do have a right to do so. We have such a right to do so, in fact, that it is stated in the First Amendment of our Constitution, but I digress. There are many aspects of this election that must be discussed, and you will hear some of these from me soon. However, I want to focus on the pretty amusing reactions to the polls closing, as votes were being counted on Tuesday. Some people’s text messages to me were what allowed me to get through the night with at least a few laughs! These were some of my favorite texts throughout the night! I hope they provide some comic relief for you, as they did for me. 

1. Forget Canada! She is going to Reykjavik:

“First flight to Iceland tomorrow!” -Luisa 

2. Far, far, and farther!

“I just need to get my degree in the spring and I’m going to live with my sister in Guam.” -Ellie

3. Let the wallowing begin!

“Second round of pizza got here.” -Lauren

4. When the desperation was real:

“I’m watching Big Eyes in an attempt to ignore the happenings in the nation.” -Gladys

5. And some decided to distract themselves with other issues:

“I just hope weed is legalized cause that’s the only way we’re gonna make it thru these next four years…. Yo weed shops are so nice! Or at least it was in Colorado.” -Jason

6. Ah, more wanderlust!

“Who’s down to drive to Mexico?” -Hannah

7. And a parent’s blessing:

“I have family in Canada so let’s go… My mom was literally like you can go to Canada to live with them if you want, I won’t be offended.” -Clarisa

8. A few predictions about what would happen if Trump did win:

“BREAKING NEWS: people are driving out of the country in masses.” -Luisa

9. Some consideration of the political happenings in other nations. 

“Canada is probably like, ‘omg we must prepare for the masses.'” -Luisa

10. And, of course, a summary of the results:

“This basically shows that there are so many people with so many dirty little secrets.” -Jason



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I'm a Pepperdine University senior from Texas. I'm a Leo, a total dog lover, and an avid reader. Spanish is my first language, so I am bilingual and working on being trilingual (I just need to turn my conversational French into fluent French). I love to write; it's a way of life!
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