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Dealing With Acne Scars

If there’s one thing that annoys me more than acne, it’s acne scars. I know the breakout will go away, but thinking about the scars it’ll leave behind causes me all kinds of stress. 


Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with acne or acne scars; it’s something our bodies naturally go through. No matter how perfect someone’s skin looks, there’s a pretty good chance they’ve had to deal with it… unless they’re an alien. 


For the most part I don’t bother with the majority of my acne scars. I have a few scattered around my face, a ton on my shoulders, and a few on my chest, but my area of concern is a pretty big grouping on my cheek. 


A couple of summer’s ago I had non-stop breakouts on my cheek due to a bad product I was using, and I’ve had scarring there ever since. I read all the beauty blogs, got facials that helped a bit, but nothing never solved my problem spot. 


So I came up with a regiment. 

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Note: While I’m writing this in step form, you can do this in any order that works for you. 


Step 1: Use African Black Soap


Warning! African black soap can be super drying if you use it too much! I only use it when I’m having an acne breakout and for a little bit afterwards if I feel like it isn’t drying out my skin. I also use it on my back and chest. 


Step 2: Vitamin C


As I’m sure everyone knows by now, Vitamin C is great for brightening skin, but you have to be careful and always use SPF after applying. I usually use vitamin c scrubs or oils at night so I’m not out in the sun right after applying. 


Step 3: Witch Hazel


I use witch hazel as a toner in the morning and night and either roll it into my skin with a quartz face roller, or use a micro derma roller once a week. 


I did these three things for quite a while, and never really saw much difference and then I added the final ingredient. 


Step 4: Aloe Vera Gel


I’m sure there is a scientific reason as to why this made all the difference, but once I started using aloe vera gel as moisturizer after the witch hazel twice a day I started seeing a difference almost immediately. My scars got lighter and started blending back into my skin becoming less noticeable. 


I saw the change everywhere I used it; face, chest and back. 


Remember, when trying new products on your skin, do a test to make sure you won’t react to it. Try putting a small amount on your hand or the inside of the wrist if you have really sensitive skin. 


If you don’t see the results you want, don’t give up. Everyone’s skin is different so different things work for everyone. You’re beautiful no matter what! 


And don’t forget your SPF!

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