Communication Basics: Let's get back into it

In a world where we are far more connected, in touch, and informed with others all across the globe, we have many opportunities to understand, research, and educate ourselves and others around us. 

But lately, especially in America, it has become almost impossible to try to be open minded and understanding in our current climate. Political victories—that many didn’t believe would happen—have disrupted our nation and created a divide. A divide that has left many polarized in their opinions and has blinded people in their basic communications with others. We have become less tolerant when we don’t agree with someone, and we have allowed our political views to cloud the very basic way we associate with people. 

In a world where journalism has been compromised by its bias, where leaders have nasty remarks towards specific groups of individuals, and where those with power who politically disagree with others believe it’s okay to make sexist comments, we forget one major factor: communication is lost. 

Celeste Headlee has an amazing Ted Talk that we all can learn the most from! Communication is essential when trying to understand and wanting to have a meaningful connection with those around us. 

Remember we are the ones that need to take the time to be the change that we want to see. How are we any better than those we are villainizing if we cannot continue to recognize that the world is diverse and that we as humans are complex in our thoughts and actions. Taking the time to relearn or learn how to communicate with one another is critical and vital to creating the world we would all love to be in. 

Watch Celeste’s Ted Talk now!