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When you sleep, work, and go to university in the same place it can be hard to switch from one mindset to another. I know for me sometimes it's hard to focus at class when I was just watching a show, or Snapchatting my friends the day before exactly where I’m supposed to be getting my education now. Three weeks into Zoom University and I’ve figured out which habits help me stay focused and be productive. I hope they help you do the same if you’re struggling like I was. 

[bf_image id="qb00jr-18f3wg-fowm17"] 1. Get up when your alarm goes off, or before if you wake up naturally 

Sleeping in is the hardest thing to not do. How many of us have said why not? I don’t have to commute! But while you may not need to get in the car or walk to class, you still need time to get ready for the day. Now treat yourself every now and then, if you’re thoroughly exhausted and it’s either energy to go to class or going through your morning routine, get some sleep we all do it. 


2. Move around 

Before you start your day, take some time to take care of your body. Good chance you’ll be sitting on Zoom for a couple of hours and be stationary for so long is not fun. Do some stretches, or a simple yoga routine if you like, but stretch out your body to protect it in the long run. 


3. Change your clothes

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but even changing from the sweatpants you slept in, to another pair of sweatpants can help get your head out of naptime. If you want to get dressed like you were going somewhere that’s fine too!


4. Look ahead at the day

Before you start working or going to class look at what you have today to make sure you remembered it all and won’t have to stress out at the last minute because you forgot something. It can also be used to encourage you if there’s something you’re looking forward to or even if the day just ends earlier, or starts later than normal. 


5. Get some breakfast and drink something 

Even if you don’t normally eat breakfast, or like to eat it later, get something in your body whether it’s some fruit, or tea and coffee. The sooner you get something in your body, the better chance you want to crash earlier in the day or be plagued with wanting snacks every single hour. Okay, I’ll be honest sometimes even doing this doesn’t stop me from wanting a snack constantly, but I digress, eat something before you start your day. 

Melissa Locke

Pepperdine '21

This is my senior year of college and I'm a Public Relations major with a Creative Writing outside concentration. I was born and raised in So-Cal and love it so much I couldn't go too far. As much as South California is my home, I adore traveling and learning about other cultures. A Disney fan to the core you can find me watching any of their movies, or breaking my bank account at Disneyland, and if not I'll probably be reading, writing, or enjoying the Malibu climate. 
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