Rihanna’s 2016 Return with “ANTI” is Sure to Shake Up the Year’s Music Scene

Rihanna’s 2016 Return with “ANTI” is Sure to Shake Up the Year’s Music Scene

After three long years of excruciating waiting, Rihanna blesses her Navy with a great start off of 2016 with her new and 8th album, ANTI.

Thankfully, she gave us all a taste of the new album’s vibe last year by releasing the hits “FourFiveSeconds” feat. Paul McCartney & Kanye West, the money enforcing “Bitch Better Have My Money”, and the patriotic “American Oxygen.” Unfortunately, these three didn’t make the final cut for the album *insert tears of musical sorrow.*

This time around, she has teamed up with Samsung, like her mentor Jay Z did with the release of his album Magna Carta Holy Grail, to help release ANTI. The company signed a $25 million deal with the Barbados native to help sponsor the album and an upcoming tour. Rihanna is smart. She let everyone think her album was free and everyone downloaded it and all those 1M downloads made ANTI go platinum because 1M copies were already bought by Samsung. Be smart. Be like Rihanna.

Now why don’t we get down to a track-by-track review of my favorite five songs from ANTI?

1. “Consideration” (feat. SZA)

  • The first track of the album is a powerful slow paced track with a subtle island accent. Both singers’ voices have a great sort of mechanical but melodic harmonizing tone. “I need you to please give my reflection a break, From the face it’s seeing now, Darling would you mind giving my reflection a break, From the pain it’s feeling now?” were some strong lyrics that stood out to me. Definitely adding this to my playlist.

2. “James Joint”

  • This song seemed to remind me of a more emotionally influenced Frank Ocean’s “Sweet Life” when listening to the background. It could also be considered an interlude because of its 1 minute length, but with lyrics like “I’d rather be breaking things, Cause we can’t see, We’re too busy kissing, Just making scenes” it’s straight to the point.

3. “Kiss It Better”

  • With an 80s rock/Guns N’ Roses sounding melody, this song is a nice, chill mood influence to sit back and listen to. If you are a heavy RiRi fan, this song might remind you of a slowed down and more adult version of “Cockiness (Love It)” from her 2011 album Talk That Talk. Chorus lines like “What are you willing to do? Oh tell me what are you willing to do? Kiss it, kiss it better baby” really help set the tone of ANTI.

4. “Work” (feat. Drake)

  • “Work” is actually the first song to be released from the final cut of ANTI and for a good reason. The Dynamic Duo is back again. Having a slow winding, island influenced, and straight twerking beat, all of us will be ‘working’ at the next party. Even though Rihanna’s island accent comes out strong which makes it hard to make out some words, you’ll be itching to dance that you won’t even care. As usual, Drake’s singing voice does nothing but amplifies RiRi’s and seems like a current fast-paced “What’s My Name?” Once again, these two show that they make beautiful music together.

5. “Desperado”

  • This song is a favorite of mine because of slow paced melody but rushed bass line. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up the theme song to some action movie in the coming summer.

ANTI will surely not disappoint. Becoming one of the albums that took over 2016 would not surprise me. The album seems to really define the growth of Rihanna both personally and musically. Hopefully my wallet will forgive me for the money I’m about to spend on buying this album. The princess is back!