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X.ILE Releases the Terrifyingly Good Single “Nightmare on W 4TH”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

X.ILE is your next favorite rapper. The genre-bending Queen’s rapper has turned 2021 up with his newest hits. Both have their own uniqueness in an oversaturated music industry, where everyone thinks they can be a rapper. X.ILE defines himself as creative, energetic, and boundless through his new music. The latest singles include collaborations from Koi who is no stranger to X.ILE’s tracks.

On the outside, X.ILE is cool, confident, and a bit too humble about his work. “Bleach” is the electric single made for late-night parties and club atmospheres. As soon as the beat drops, X.ILE tears up every bar with ease. Koi provides equally catchy bars and the two go together perfectly. Accompanied by the eerily artistic video, “Bleach” is described as X.ILE’s authentic self. Honestly, I wish the song was longer so I could continue to hear these bass rattling raps from them.

Now, let’s talk about my new favorite song “Nightmare on W 4TH“. This song captures absolutely everything you need for a good rap song that is on the theme for Halloween. The song was released on October 31, 2021, and it should be on every Halloween playlist for years to come.

The song begins with Koi giving an eerily yet dreamy first verse which pairs perfectly with the song’s aesthetic. Each line is performed with a groove that entices you into the song. The incredibly catchy pre-chorus “I know you’re scared but that’s the right response” is the perfect lure that leads into the chorus. The chorus entices anyone to sing along and give in to the chaotic energy. I can imagine this song being played on full blast, on the subway, or in your car whatever you prefer, with a ton of friends as you go to your frightfully fun activities.

X.ILE’s verses on this track are my personal favorite. Smooth and terrifyingly good raps make it easy to rap alongside. “Going off the wall No Michael Just love letters From a psycho”, I mean how much better can a rap bar be about the spooky season? I honestly cannot choose which X.ILE verse I like better! This song has incredible repeat potential, and honestly, it has been on repeat since it dropped.

If you want to support an upcoming artist, looking for new tracks, or just want to listen to incredible songs, I cannot recommend X.ILE enough! A truly talented artist who has released two back to back bops. What more could you want, other than a love letter from a psycho?

Be sure to check out X.ILE on Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok!

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