Why The Twin Cities Might Be The Top Of Your List During Your Post-Grad Job Search

As we grow closer and closer to May, graduating seniors are deep in their job search, working towards lining up their first job post-graduation. The class of 2020 is facing one of the most unique economic landscapes due to the pandemic taking the world by storm. Hundreds of thousands of employees are being laid-off, effectively causing the hiring process to come to a halt. While it may seem daunting and impossible, eventually everything will return to normal- hopefully, stronger than ever.

In the meantime, we should all still apply to as many jobs as possible and expand our search to cities we may not have considered (if you’re willing to relocate). At least, that’s the position I’m in. As a graduating marketing major, I am beginning to look into other cities that may be more financially sustainable than New York City.

I am going to start this series by looking into a major area close to home - The Twin Cities, located in Minnesota. I’m going to discuss some important details that may help you when deciding whether to keep Minneapolis/St. Paul in your radar when looking for the beginning of your career.

  1. 1. The Basic Facts

    Made up of the state capital St. Paul and sister city Minneapolis, the Twin Cities has a population of 3.28 million (pre-2020 census). With an urban feel, you will still experience the mid-western roots that may sound familiar to many. The culture is based on its heritage tracing to our Scandanavian and German ancestors. We’re friendly, but we definitely will serve some interesting recipes and use unique slang. Clarification: Yes, we do say pop instead of soda, or whatever else you call it.

  2. 2. Home To Some of The Largest Companies Worldwide

    It may come as a surprise, but Minneapolis/St. Paul is home to 17 Fortune 500 companies making the infamous city their headquarters. With Target, UnitedHealth Group, and Best Buy leading the pack, this city holds a wide range of industries opening doors to many graduating seniors hoping to get a kickstart into their field of choice. 

    Check out this article by Twin Cities Pioneer Press discussing all of the Fortune 500 companies located in the Twin Cities.

  3. 3. Wait… It’s Affordable?

    When you look at the average income and compare it with the cost of living, it’s actually really affordable. The average monthly net income (after taxes) is about $4,100 with one bedroom apartments running for $1,400 ($1,100 if you live outside of the city center.) Numbeo breaks down prices in every city, putting Minneapolis in the top 10% of cities worldwide when listing them by the cost of living. The funniest part about this website is that it tells you how much cheaper it is than New York City!

  4. 4. It’s Time To Lace Up Your Shoes

    For years, both cities have appeared at the top of the many lists released each year by different sources listing the healthiest cities in America. It may be difficult to define what healthy really means and how it’s measured, but overall, this city loves to be active, enjoying the many sporting activities taking place year-round.

  5. 5. Something For Everyone

    When you’re not working, there’s plenty to do around the city. From craft breweries to ax throwing, there’s an activity for everyone with even more hip spots around the corner. Moving to a new city is really intimidating, especially if you don’t know anyone who lives there. Thankfully, Minneapolis offers a lot to its residents, allowing optimal opportunities to make some friends with similar interests.

  6. 6. Finally... The Mall Of America

    You thought that I forgot the Mall of America! No, as a born and raised Minnesotan, I could not forget to include our most prized possession. If you were to move to the Twin Cities, you would have the ability to regularly shop at one of the largest shopping centers in America complete with mini-golf, an aquatic life center, amusement park, Lego Land, American Girl store, and more. I think there’s zip lining there now, too!

Overall, I think that adding the Twin Cities to your job search is well worth the effort. With amazing opportunities, young graduates would be able to start amazing careers without sacrificing a great lifestyle.