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Why I Dropped My Sorority

It’s that time of the year… sorority recruitment at Pace University. Around this time last year, I attended night one of recruitment week and quit after getting sick and hindering from me continuing. This prevented me from getting the opportunity to meet all of the sororities on campus, which was an essential aspect of the whole experience. Instead, I joined the new sorority on campus becoming a member of the founding class. I was in this sorority (will remain unnamed for privacy) for a full semester, dropping it the following semester.

After joining, I was excited to be a part of something new growing it from day one. Everyone was on the same page, excited and hopeful without many expectations. Personally, I expected that it was to be as it read in the brochure, everything from sisterhood to the monthly dues. Unfortunately, that was not necessarily the case. 

sad girl in blue sweater near window Anthony Tran First of all, it ended up being too expensive for my budget. Everyone knows joining a sorority is a financial commitment but when you are starting a new chapter, everything is skewed and more expensive than expected. I was frustrated with the lack of communication especially when it came to money. There would be instances where the board of the sorority would announce a $10 fee for a t-shirt in chapter only to find out we were charged $20 when the bill came out. I don’t really think the organization was prepared to accurately communicate how much we would have to pay. 

Another factor that did not end up fitting my personal situation was the time commitment. When I joined, my schedule was more open allowing me to attend the many meetings and events in addition to living on campus. The following semester, I became a commuter and took a full course-load in addition to a leadership position within another student organization (hello, Her Campus!). I found it much more difficult to attend events and weekly chapters on Sundays as it didn’t fit with my schedule anymore.

Eventually, this affected my relationship with my sisters. I didn’t feel as included or in the loop, as I had the semester prior; I found myself telling my closest friends that I felt isolated. There was also a personal disconnect from my end when it came to how the elected leaders were treating their positions in the sorority. Far too many girls were not taking their roles seriously eventually making me feel frustrated. 

In the end, I did come out with a few really strong friendships and life lessons. I don’t regret joining at all. I do regret spending so much money on merch, but that’s something that I could always sell on Poshmark. 


While joining a sorority might not have been for me, it might be for you! Sign up for Pace University's recruitment for Spring 2020 here!