What A One Direction Resurrection Means For Directioners

There have been a lot of rumors swirling about the possibility of One Direction getting back together for a special project. That could mean a virtual concert, single, SNL skit, album, reunion tour, or something else even more extravagant that would cause a lot of tears worldwide. Whatever they’re working on, I can’t imagine they’re doing anything major as Niall and Harry both had plans to go on tour this summer.

Overall, this rumor is causing a lot of excitement online as I just noticed that #1DOnlineConcertStayAtHome is currently trending on Twitter. With roughly 470,000 listeners on Mixlr, this is truly an online listening party uniting fans worldwide. It’s safe to say that when they unite, there will be an army of fans ready to re-experience what it’s like to be a fangirl, too deep in to focus on reality. 

While we wait to see what their final move is, here are a few things that Directioners might be doing in the meantime while refreshing Twitter and turning post notifications on.

  1. 1. Listening To Old Playlists Louder Than Ever

    Aside from virtual listening parties, I can guarantee fans are searching their Spotify accounts for their old playlists pressing play, listening to their favorite songs louder than ever. Those of us with the most time will be rewatching some of the best cinematic movies ever made including The Only Way Is Up, Where We Are, and This Is Us, their concert films.

  2. 2. What’s My Wattpad Password Again?

    Ah, Wattpad. What would I have done without it? I’m sure we all used different platforms but I believe that Wattpad was the overall favorite in the end. We need to prove to ourselves that After wasn’t the only FF that deserved a feature film.

  3. 3. Turning On Post Notifications For EVERYONE

    Not only are we turning on post notifications for the main but you best believe we are refollowing all of the random people that may be associated with One Direction leaking any possible info.

  4. 4. Preparing For When The Time Comes

    Some Directioners may be going as far as putting up old posters, making journal entries or writing articles to document the historic day. 

  5. 5. Finally Feeling A Little Bit Of Hope

    Honestly, this excitement couldn’t come at a better time. With everything going on with COVID-19, having a little hope and excitement is exactly what we need to look forward to post-quarantine. 

  6. 6. Hoping That Sirius XM Doesn’t Play A Part In This

    After what we saw with their contest with Harry, I hope to GOD that they do not have a role in this project. I can not go through what I went through with that Secret Session, calling literally 1,000 times a day only to get made fun of by the nighttime host. I am still waiting for him to get fired, honestly. 

Overall, I don’t really know what this means for me. I need to start doing all of my homework, knowing that I will be much less likely to do it if One Direction reunites. I will be rereading all of my favorite fanfictions, ruining my sleeping schedule and annoying my family with obnoxiously loud music. I could care less to be honest. Bring it on, 1D!