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What Disney Princess are you According to Your Zodiac Sign?



Aries - Mulan


Just like Mulan, you are passionate, determined, and know how to put up a fight. While sometimes you’re misunderstood, you would do absolutely anything for the ones you love, including fighting off an army in your father’s place, at the risk of death and persecution. 

Taurus - Rapunzel 


Rapunzel is stubborn, kind, and loyal, which makes her a perfect Taurus. She is also fiercely ambitious and an admirer of beauty. With her stunning hair by her side, she can escape the wicked witch that imprisons her in that tower. When she finally breaks free, she lives out her Taurus ways to their fullest potential. 

Gemini - Jasmine


Jasmine was absolutely a Gemini. Her quick-wit, adaptable nature, and talkative spirit makes her the perfect match. Sure, Aladdin had to give her a hand here and there, but she was the one who escaped the palace to live as a commoner just for fun. Her easy-going, go with the flow nature helps her navigate any situation that comes her way with ease. 

Cancer - Cinderella



Loving, caring, sensitive, and mysterious; these are traits that are in perfect alignment with Cinderella and Cancers. Cinderella wears her heart on her sleeve and is friendly towards everyone she meets. Whether it’s crying to her fairy godmother or running away frantically at the stroke of midnight, this Cancer has a huge heart and a kind soul. 

Leo - Merida


Merida is brave and outspoken. This fire sign loves showing off her archery skills in the limelight for others to see and recognize, which makes her a true Leo. When someone tells her how to live her life, she is courageous enough to change her fate. Would you?

Virgo - Snow White


Hard-working, organized, and sweet, need I say more? Snow White is the quintessential Virgo. She works tirelessly to clean-up after seven men, while singing a delightful tune, and is able to convince the Huntsman not to kill her due to her kind nature (and beauty).  

Libra - Pocahontas 


Ah, yes, a true diplomat. Pocahontas teaches us how to be kinder, more trusting, and overall better people. Libras are known to be the peacekeepers, which makes it no surprise that Pocahontas is one of them. Just like a Libra, she is eager to understand and listen to other perspectives. Pocahontas also teaches us not to be greedy and shows us that we must be able to paint with all the colors of the wind. 

Scorpio - Megara 


Okay, okay, so yeah, Megara, “Meg,” is not technically an official Disney princess. However, she has a fantastic storyline and an epic song to match, so she is being included. Just like a Scorpio, Meg is sassy, yet very emotional. She doesn’t like to show her emotions and uses sarcasm to hide her feelings. However, Meg is also persistent and resourceful, which makes her the perfect Scorpio. 

Sagittarius - Ariel

Did someone say adventure? Ariel wants to leave the sea behind and become ‘part of that world.’ This adventurous spirit and eternal optimism makes Ariel a Sagittarius, in addition to her essential generosity and curiosity. Ariel follows her heart and conquers her dreams, no matter what other people may say. While this trait may sometimes lead her to not being able to see the good from the bad, her relentless spirit and kind soul are what a Sagittarius is all about. 

Capricorn - Tiana


Capricorns are the most realistic and down-to-earth of all the signs. They know what they want and know how to accomplish it, just like Tiana. Capricorns are known as workaholics, another trait Tiana shares with her business. She won’t let anything get in the way of accomplishing her goals except for the time when she turned into a frog. That was a major buzzkill. 

Aquarius - Belle 


Friendly, unpredictable, and unique, Belle isn’t afraid of being the odd-one-out. In her town, she is known as eccentric because of her love of books and independent spirit. She unexpectedly puts her life at risk to save her father’s life and ends up falling in love with the beast that locked her away. This outspoken princess doesn’t care what other people think, and that’s people admire most about her. 

Pisces - Aurora 


Lastly, Aurora is an imaginative and romantic soul. She sings to the animals in the forest and often imagines what her dream future will be. Just like a Pisces, this water sign is highly sensitive, and empathetic towards others and is a true princess.