We've Got The Goods - The Holiday Survival Kit has Arrived!

Pace University
United States

It’s that point in the semester again- SURVIVAL KITS HAVE ARRIVED! Her Campus has blessed us with products from Yogi Tea, Leaders Cosmetics, Rimmel, Book of the Month and Pure Silk. This Holiday Survival Kit gives you all of the tools you need to unwind after finals and enjoy your “me time” over the Holiday break. Now, I know it may be hard to tame your excitement but check out the low down on what to expect in your box.

Yogi Tea

Ironically as I’m writing this I am sipping on some Relaxed Mind Yogi Tea because well, it’s delicious, it’s finals and I need ALL the help I can get. We’ve been blessed with some Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy tea bag and Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life tea bag (+ $1-off coupon). Yogi tea is one of my personal favorite tea brands as well as many of my friends. They combine some of the most exotic spices and botanicals to create interesting and delicious flavors. I’m hesitant when trying new things but not when it comes to Yogi Tea because well… any flavor you try you won’t be disappointed. Each is unique equipped with health benefits.

Book of the Month

For those of you who don’t know, let me enlighten you. Book of the Month makes discovering new books a breeze. With a monthly subscription members can choose which book you would like to receive from the top choice of books. All books are hardcovers and shipping is free.  Forget the stress of wondering if a book is worth your while; BOTM picks only the most interesting and thrilling books just for you! We’ve been given a BOTM Box with Beach Tote, a free month of Book of the Month, bookmarks and a book!

Rimmel London Cosmetics

What’s a survival kit without some of Rimmel’s latest cosmetics? Rimmel is known for giving women of all ages the ability to create electric show stopping looks. It’s hard to stand out in such a large city but Rimmel helps me complete my unique look. Stand out with the Scandaleyes eyes products, voluminous mascara and waterproof Kohl eyeliner, paired with 16HR Lip Colour and finished off with Natural Bronzer. Try Rimmel and join the babes of Her Campus flaunting, The London Look.

Leaders Cosmetics Face Masks

Revamp your skin with your choice of Leaders Cosmetics facemask. I know that after a stressful week I love to reward my skin with a sheet mask, usually accompanied by Yogi tea of course. Being in NYC the pollution effects on skin are a given and unfortunately the nature of the beast. Thankfully I can throw on the 7 Wonders Amazonian Acai Anti-pollution Mask. Infused with Acai berry this mask is an antioxidant powerhouse that neutralizes damages caused by pollution. Along with this mask you can try the Caribbean Coconut Calming Mask and the Kalahari Melon Moisturizing Mask. Pick which mask best fits your skin and embark on a well-deserved spa night.

Pure Silk

I’m sure I’m not the only one in my chapter excited for another sample of Pure Silk’s Shave Cream. The only time I use shave cream is when it’s Pure Silk. Coming in delicious Raspberry Mist, this shave cream leaves your skin hydrated, smooth and glistening; no exfoliator needed! I can’t wait to spoil myself with silky legs… the club definitely isn’t ready.