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Welcome to the Dollhouse: What Your Childhood Doll Says About You

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

Girlhood is trending and as a 2005 baby born in the era of MySpace and Paris Hilton, I couldn’t be happier. With the popularity of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie(2023) film, things often considered “girly,” such as bows and the color pink, have made a violent return into mainstream media. Things e once deemed as tacky are being reclaimed as symbols of girlhood, innocence, and whimsy that so many women yearn for as adults. I’m a believer that a girl’s childhood doll can give more insight into who they are than their zodiac sign. These are some of my assumptions about doll owners and their characters based on their favorite childhood companion.  

American girl

If you had an American Girl Doll, like myself, you lived a classic childhood. You probably lugged this ginormous doll everywhere with you. I know I used to carelessly dangle my Kit doll out the window of my mom’s old Volvo. She would constantly reprimand me and ask that I didn’t do that, but Kit’s eyes just blinked in the turbulent New Jersey wind. I think I’m qualified to conclude that, if your favorite doll was an American Girl Doll, your favorite subject in school was probably history or english, and you cherish the ordinary things in life. You probably appreciate the cottage-core aesthetic, and you definitely have really niche TikTok collections and Pinterest boards. You may enjoy baking and having picnics on warm days, and, while you love your friends, you’re family-oriented. I’m assuming you may have some traits of a perfectionist, and you place extra attention into gift-giving for those you love. 

Monster high

I was a Monster High Doll connoisseur as a little girl. Nothing I can say can do Monster High Dolls justice. Contradicting the other life-like dolls on this list, these dolls were the most fun. I owned several Monster High Dolls growing up and lived for all their backstories and friendships. I played every online game on their website and watched every television series about these dolls. They were rebellious and unusual, but they were so loyal to their friends and committed to their goals. If you were a Monster High kid, today you’re probably a driven woman who values her career. You’re loyal to your friends and will scheme with them whenever the opportunity presents itself. These girls may find themselves dressing with a little edge or perfectly pulling off the Mary Kate and Ashley matching. 


In my opinion, Bratz girls rank among the best humans. Bratz girls are edgy and bold. These are the girls that men are genuinely intimidated by. You are probably a Tarayummy stan and abide by your own fashion rules. Given that these dolls were huge in the 2000s, you were definitely among the first to reembrace the Y2K aesthetic come 2020. Former Bratz doll owners will be the first to stick up for their friends in social settings and they aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Bratz girls are fiery and serve Aries energy every chance they get. Most importantly, if they enjoy makeup, their eyeliner is always snatched to perfection.  


If you had a Barbie doll growing up, you’re a girl’s girl. Barbie dolls are a classic choice, and, while some men may deem a Barbie doll as “basic” or “ordinary,” each Barbie is so unique. There are hundreds of different Barbies ranging in occupation and image. So, while they may be the most common, they’re certainly the most versatile, hence why the impact of the 2023 Barbie film was so widespread. On the topic of the Barbie movie, if you had this doll as a girl, like myself, you probably cried regularly throughout the film, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The concept of girlhood is so complex and individual to each girl. Now, we are able to view girlhood as delicate and tender; however, when we’re experiencing it, it feels like the world is ending. As women, we are often viewed as erratic and insane when really we are just experiencing the wrath of the world. That being said, a part of you may be grieving your childhood, but you probably have made it your mission in 2024 to reclaim your childish spirit and youthful playfulness. In the spirit of your former dolls, laugh, cry, host the cute dinner parties, and feel everything so deeply, because that’s such a gift. 

polly pocket

Do you love Sabrina Carpenter or do you love Sabrina Carpenter? If your childhood doll of choice was a Polly Pocket you’re definitely a light-spirited adult and you don’t turn away from fun. It’s my assumption that you most likely dress in vibrant, fun colors and have a creative mind. Art was probably among your favorite classes in school, and you are most definitely always on-the-go, hence why you would opt for a pocket-sized doll. Polly Pocket girls are fun and supportive and will be among the first to hype you up. 


Lalaloopsy owners are possibly the quirkiest girls around. You may have gone through a gothic or punk phase, but now you value all the unique and unconventional things life has to offer. You’re one of a kind and true to yourself. Lalaloopsy girls are independent and don’t look to others for confidence. They have a strong intuition and their individuality distinguishes them from the crowd. 

Groovy girls

I have been instructed to include my thoughts on Groovy Girl owners by Her Campus at Pace’s own, Cassidy Burry. While I was originally unsure if I could write enough about Groovy Girl owners, I do have many thoughts. Groovy Girls are a relic, and, while you may not have exclusively owned one, you’ve definitely seen or encountered a Groovy Girl at some point in your childhood. These dolls say a lot about their owner. These girls are very relaxed and always up for a fun excursion. They probably grew up in a care-free and nurturing household where kindness is highly valued and beauty is born from the bizarre. If there’s a Groovy Girl connoisseur in your life, keep her close and hear her out…they tend to have such interesting stories.   

Sierra is a freshmen, Digital Marketing major and a Graphic Design minor at Pace University. She is a first year staff writer for Her Campus at Pace and enjoys writing more humorous pieces about pop culture. In the past, Sierra has written for her high school newsletter known as "The Dawg Print" and taken several journalism classes and she is looking forward to expanding on this background. In addition to Her Campus at Pace, Sierra is also a new member of the American Marketing Association at Pace and the P.A.C.E. Board. She enjoys brainstorming for both these clubs and especially likes that they expose her to people of all backgrounds and stories. Outside of school and work Sierra spends most of her time listening to music, watching romantic comedies, binging sit-coms, shopping for clothes she probably doesn’t need, going to museums, or exploring new places to eat. She likes a variety of different musical artists and will never turn down the opportunity to go to a concert. Sierra frequently watches the movies A Rainy Day in New York and Breakfast at Tiffany’s but is no stranger to shows such as The Office and New Girl. Sierra is also interested in museum hopping however her favorite exhibits remain at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.