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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

It’s almost time for New York City to pull out the coats, fuzzy socks, and pumpkin spice. We’re all excited to snuggle up with our warm drinks, throw on our favorite throw blanket, light that pumpkin cinnamon candle, and most importantly, binge our fall comfort shows and movies. Here we decided to share some throwbacks we’ll be obsessing over this fall season.

Gilmore Girls

This is a show that seems to be on everyone’s radar as soon as temperatures start to drop. Gilmore Girls follows the story of Rory, Lorelai, and occasionally Emily, three generations of women from the affluent Gilmore family as they face hardships, past traumas, and worries about the future. The show mostly focuses on Rory, a booksmart girl beloved by everyone in Stars Hollow, and her strange dynamic with her mother Lorelie, a spunky and quirky mom who had Rory as a teenager. Typically, people would see these two as the sole reason for the show’s name, Gilmore Girls. However, Emily, the mother of Lorelai and grandmother of Rory, also plays an important role as we watch the constant build and fall of her strained relationship with Lorelai and sometimes Rory. If you’re an overzealous student, a coffee addict, a book lover, or someone whose relationship with their mother would be considered far from ordinary, this show might be one worth binging this fall. 

Gossip Girl

This one’s a classic for those New Yorkers at heart. If your attention is constantly attracted to the glitz and glam of high-class living in the city, this might be the show to add to your list. The Upper East Side has a secret, and lurking in the crowd is Gossip Girl, ready to expose it the moment she has a chance. Gossip Girl is definitely a crowd favorite and it’s not hard to see why. Dripping with scandals we can’t help but watch, Serena, Dan, Blair, Chuck, and Nate, go about living their lives with too much time, too much money, too much ambition, and way too much trouble to get into. Cheating, lying, betrayal, and more, Gossip Girl delivers what all of us fantasized our teenage years would be like as adolescents. Long before the days of Euphoria and its controversial depictions of teens getting into all sorts of trouble, we had Gossip Girl spoon-feeding us the raunchy, distasteful, yet appetizing plot as we all waited on the edge of our seats to see.

The Vampire Diaries

Teenager Elena Gilbert has just tragically lost her parents in a traumatic car accident. A year later, it’s her first day back at school and her plan is to get back to her normal life after the accident. But there’s a new boy in town — a hottie by the name of Stefan Salvatore shows up, getting all the girls’ attention, but his focus is on Elena. Sounds like the beginning of an epic love story, until another vampire shows up in town stirring up trouble. The Vampire Diaries is the perfect binge-worthy show for all the supernatural and romance genre fanatics. There’s action, suspense, a bit of scare, and plot twists that will keep you entertained throughout this windy season. It will have you wanting to watch during class and rushing to get home to throw on a warm blanket and tune in. This show will make you feel like you yourself are a character in the storyline. Perfect for us delusional girls trying to escape reality. If you loved Twilight, you will definitely fall in love with this show. Team Stefan or Team Damon?

Teen Wolf

This thrilling show is a must-watch favorite. Set in the fictional town of Beacon Hills, California, Scott McCall is a seemingly ordinary high school student but his life drastically takes a turn when he is bitten by a werewolf in the middle of the woods. After this, he turns into a werewolf himself, gaining supernatural powers. Scott’s newfound abilities get him tangled in a much larger world filled with many dangers and obstacles. He must navigate through these complex and mysterious challenges with his best friend Stiles Stilinski, and the wolfpack that he creates along the way, in order to save the people of his town from severe threats. This supernatural-type show can really get you into the Halloween or fall spirit, and each episode will leave you in suspense and excitement. 


This popular supernatural film series, mixing romance and fantasy is set in the town of Forks, Washington, and focuses on the thrilling connection between Bella Swan, the new girl, and Edward Cullen, a mysterious boy who later reveals that he is a vampire. However, Edward and his family have made the decision to live in peace by avoiding human blood. Edward falls in love with Bella despite his initial opposition towards her, and their relationship becomes the center of the series. As Bella and Edward’s intense romance progresses, they face many challenges and dangers, including other vampires who could harm Bella. This is surely on our watchlist for the fall season, and it definitely gets us into the Halloween mood as well. If you’re into The Vampire Diaries, this might be the series for you.

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