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Timothée Chalamet & “Thought Daughters”

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You may have heard of “thot daughter,” but have you ever heard of the term “thought daughter?” If you are on TikTok, you probably have. This phrase stems from the original “thot daughter” trend and refers to girls who are deep thinkers or overthinkers. Obviously, we all know and love our French New Yorker. I’ve come to the conclusion that most movies that Timothée Chalamet stars have a deep meaning behind them, and they are great for those who are deep thinkers and like to analyze the plot. There are a couple of Chalamet movies I consider my personal Roman empire, therefore, I’ve gathered a short list and decided to analyze them. 


Although Chalamet isn’t the main character in this movie, his role as the character Kyle surely has an impact on Ladybird (Saoirse Ronan) and how she handles hardships during her senior year of high school. This movie is especially important to me as a daughter. In this coming-of-age film, Ladybird has a very complex relationship with her mother. While their conversations consist of passive-aggressive comments, you can tell that the two care about each other. 

Now, let’s get into Kyle. Our first glance at Kyle gives off the impression that he is mysterious and carefree, which is what seems to attract Ladybird. However, after a few mistakes and going through some experiences, she quickly figures out that this isn’t someone that she should be with. This is what a lot of young women may be able to relate to as they navigate through their high school and/or college years. It’s certainly for the deeply emotional.

Little Women (2019)

My first impression of this movie caused me to think about how many girls were able to relate to the female characters. This film perfectly depicts the bond of the four sisters and how their personalities differ from each other. Personally, this film accurately captured what it’s like to be the second option. Laurie, who is played by Timothée Chalamet, is in love with Jo March. However, once he realizes that she isn’t in love with him, he goes for her younger sister, Amy. Amy knows that he was in love with Jo, and she’s saddened by the fact that Laurie has seen her as a last resort or second option. I feel as if a lot of girls our age may have at least once in their lives experienced how it feels to not be chosen by the person you would choose in every lifetime, and this aspect is why a lot of “thought daughters” may find this movie intriguing.

Beautiful Boy

This movie was soul-crushing. It’s based on a true story and portrays the character Nic Sheff, who’s played by Chalamet. Beautiful Boy shows the ups and downs of addiction and how it can have a huge impact on both the person’s life and their family’s lives. This movie is really meaningful for “thought daughters,” because, not only does it raise awareness about Nic’s struggle with addiction, but it also teaches understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness.

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