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Three Places to Take a Break in NYC

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

When you’re living in NYC, the hustle and bustle of the city can really take a toll on you. Sometimes we all need to take a break to sit back, relax and maybe read a good book, so here are some places that are perfect for unwinding in the city. 

1. City Hall Park

Located less than a minute away from Pace University, take the time to sit back and relax in City Hall Park while birds are chirping by the calming sound of the fountain. It’s so close to campus you can even go to the park in between classes!

2. Washington Square Park

Located only a few train stops away at the W4 via the A/C/E trains, is Washington Square Park. This area has a great scenic view and there are several little shops around as well, so it is a great spot if you’re also in the mood to explore!

3. South Street Seaport

Just a short, five minute walk from Pace, this is my go-to spot when studying or I just want to relax by the water. This is a great spot for anyone who loves being near the water and sitting out in the sun.

Next time you need a quiet place to relax, consider these options, have a relaxing day!

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