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Things To Do in Manhattan by Yourself

Whether you’re traveling to the city or live just outside of it, NYC has some of the most appealing sites and experiences you have to try at least once.

From Downtown to Midtown to Uptown, the city has a lot to offer. The options are seemingly endless. Taking on the whole of Manhattan may seem impossible in one day, or even in a few days. On top of that, sometimes exploring with friends just isn’t an option. 

So, here’s a list of things you can do alone in Manhattan:

Riverside Park

Bordering the Hudson River, Riverside Park stretches 86 blocks or 4 miles along the west side of Manhattan. With its size, there are countless activities to do in this park. Just put your headphones in and go for a bicycle ride or a jog down one of the trails. You can even choose to go roller skating at the rink located at West 108th Street. The scenery and historical monuments are another highlight of the park.

Lincoln Center

The Lincoln Center is known for performing arts and entertainment. What better way to experience the city than catch a show! At Lincoln Center Plaza, there are multiple dance, theater, and music organizations. The campus itself is gorgeous, especially at night when the lights turn on.


This section of downtown Manhattan is filled with a variety of Chinese cuisine. You can get dumplings from Vanessa’s Dumpling House or grab some ramen at a nearby noodle joint. There are street vendors, markets, and even a Chinese museum. Here, you’re sure to fill all your foodie desires!

American Museum of Natural History

Growing up in one of the five boroughs, going to the Museum of Natural History was a staple public school field trip. The building’s exhibition halls are so detailed and meticulously put together. The museum is filled with almost 50 exhibition halls, all covering different “natural wonders.”

Central Park

Just across the street from the Museum of Natural History, Central Park is the 5th largest park in NYC. Spread over 800 acres of land, there is a long list of things to do in Central Park. You can go ice skating in the winter, go for a relaxing walk in the fall, sunbathe in the summer, and watch the hundreds of gorgeous trees blossom in the spring. If the park ever feels too big to explore at once, you can schedule a tour so a guide can help you! Similar to Riverside Park, there are about seventy monuments for you to see.

Grand Bazaar NYC

The biggest flea market in the city is open every Sunday from 10AM-5PM, year round. Local dealers and vendors set up a variety of jewelry, vintage items, furniture, decor, clothing, and many others for you to choose from. This is an opportunity for a unique shopping experience or just some browsing. Profits go to four local public schools to fund “enrichment programs and classroom essentials” for 2,000+ children.

Food is a big part when visiting any city. There are diners, bagel shops, cafes, and larger chain restaurants to choose from.

City Diner

One diner many people recommend is City Diner at 2441 Broadway in the Upper West Side. It’s a classic place when you’re looking for breakfast, salads, sandwiches, milkshakes, and even matzah ball soup!

There are many other places to eat in the area, with a variety of cultures like Greek, Indian, Chinese, and Thai. Most are just a quick Google search away.

I’ve only covered the surface of things you could do while in the city. There are so many other activities to experience, with the World Trade Center, the Oculus, the Vessel and countless other major locations to see. Multiple lines of the subway system run straight through each of the neighborhoods, making it easier and more accessible to travel.

While going with friends or family may be more enjoyable, who’s to say you can’t go alone?

Subrina is a freshman at Pace University in New York, majoring in Childhood Education with a concentration in English under the Pforzheimer Honors College. Her interests include playing badminton, swimming, and going on adventures with her dog. She has written articles that have been published in newspapers like the New York Daily News.
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