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Valentine\'s Day Gifts with Hearts
Valentine\'s Day Gifts with Hearts
Original illustrations by Haley Boyce

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for 2021

The holidays are just around the corner which means getting gifts for the ones you love and care about. If you’re anything like me, you find some trouble getting gifts for the many different types of people in your life. So, I’ve curated a list of gifts for some of the different types of people. I’ve also tried to include as many small businesses as possible because small-owned businesses always have some of the best and unique items!

For Your Music Loving Friend


Vinyl records have made a big comeback in recent years, and many music lovers tend to collect these. I know I have a large collection of vinyl records because of their aesthetic and just how fun they are to use. Getting to relax while listening to your favorite artist on vinyl is definitely one of the best experiences for music lovers. There are many stores that have exclusive versions of newly released vinyls, including Target and Walmart. You can also check your local record shops for vinyls you’re searching for.

Target Vinyls

Walmart Vinyls


CDs are one of the biggest staples for music lovers–from being a kid in the car listening to your favorite album to being a teenager or adult just wanting to hold a physical copy of your new favorite album. I know I always look forward to going to the store the morning of an album release and getting to hold the physical version of a new piece of art. Target is definitely your best bet when searching for CDs, as they are known for their Target Exclusive albums.

Target CDs


Most music lovers tend to display their love on the walls of their bedroom and/or dorm room. Personally, my bedroom is covered in posters of my favorite artists (mainly Taylor Swift), as is my dorm room. The best place to buy posters is definitely Redbubble. Many small artists sell their artwork on this platform, and it is a great place to find one-of-a-kind posters.

Redbubble Posters

For Your Superhero-Loving Friend

Movie Tickets:

As Spider-Man: No Way Home is preparing to descend upon us, a great early holiday gift for your superhero-loving friend is movie tickets, and possibly even a gift card to their favorite theater for the ability to see the upcoming superhero movies, including The Batman, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and plenty of other new releases.

Regal Cinemas

AMC Theatres

Funko Pops:

Funko Pops are a staple to any superhero lover. From convention-exclusive pops to easy-to-find pops, these collectible statues are great ways to commemorate different eras of superheroes from different franchises. As a Marvel and DC lover, I have hundreds of Funko Pops, and they are definitely some of my favorite collectors items. Some of the best Funkos are available as store exclusives, such as Target, Walmart, and Hot Topic. Always make sure to check your local comic store for any Funko Pops you’re searching for!

Funko Shop

Target Funko Shop

Walmart Funko Shop

Hot Topic Funko Shop

Phone Cases & Clothes:

One of my favorite ways to display my love for superheroes is through merchandise! I always turn to small businesses and fan-made merchandise, as they can fit into many different aesthetics and are typically more cost-efficient. The merchandise offered by these small shops is always so cute, and you can find merchandise for even the most obscure superhero!

Ember Cases


Infinite Wonderland


For your more minimalistic friends, jewelry can be the best way to go! It can be a small nod to their favorite superheroes without it needed to be super out there, you know? I have a small Wanda Maximoff ring that is my favorite everyday accessory. It’s a small nod to my favorite Marvel character without it needing to be in the face of everyone I encounter. I definitely recommend shopping on Etsy for well-made and fan-tailored jewelry.


For Your Disney Loving Friend

Funko Pops:

Funko Pops are a staple collectors item, as stated before. Disney tends to have tons of Funko releases, from different variations of well-known characters to highly coveted exclusive pop releases! These are a great way for your Disney friends to be able to display their favorite characters through tiny vinyl statues that are easy to place anywhere. Always make sure to check with your local comic book stores for Funkos you’re looking for.

Funko Store

Target Funko Store

Walmart Funko Store

Hot Topic Funko Store

Mickey Ears:

Mickey Ears are one of the staple items for any Disney trip! Your Disney friend will be sure to love a new pair of ears for their upcoming trip. Fan-made ears are some of the best purchases, as they are fan-tailored. You can get ears inspired by your favorite Disney characters, shows, movies, and actors. You can get them from the official Disney website, as well.


Disney Store


Like the superhero jewelry section, the same applied for your Disney friends! Jewelry is a great way to go for your friends who don’t tend to showcase their love for Disney for all to see. Etsy is always the best way to go, however, there is jewelry available on the Disney website.

Disney Store


Stuffed Animals:

Stuffed animals and plushies are the best way to go if you are indecisive about what to get your Disney friend. There is a wide variety of options on the Disney website, making it easy to find variations of your favorite characters. They are great decor items and are a great way to display your favorite Disney characters.

Disney Store

For The Person You Don’t Know What To Buy For


Candles are a household staple for many people, meaning that this is one of the safest options for someone you really don’t know what to buy for. While Bath and Body Works has plenty of scents to work with, Etsy also has a wide variety of candles that you can even personalize for who you’re buying for!


Bath and Body Works

Home Decor:

I know that home decor is one of my favorite things, so getting that as a gift is amazing. Framed artworks and quotes are some of the best decorations in the home, and you can even personalize them to the person you’re buying for. Shops on Etsy and Redbubble are definitely the best way to go for this.



Body Care Sets:

Everyone loves self care, which is why body care sets are a great gift. While I love small businesses, I think that Bath and Body Works is the best way to go for body care sets. There are plenty of scents to choose from, and these scents are some of the most recognizable. They even offer gift sets, meaning you don’t even have to wrap it.

Bath and Body Works


As someone who is always searching for something to write on, journals are a great way to go. Small businesses on Etsy and Redbubble offer great journal varieties, including covers that can be personalized to the person you are buying for. Some of my favorite journals have been bought on Etsy and Redbubble because of the wide variety of designs offered.



Prompt Books:

Prompt books are some of my favorite things to sit down and do. They offer an outlet for creativity while allowing you to express emotions and memories. Etsy offers a great variety of these, as well as Amazon. These are great for the more creative people in your life that you don’t really know what to buy for.



No matter who you need to shop for, you can always find something. Even if it’s small, as long as it has meaning, the person you’re buying for is sure to love it. Don’t forget to shop small, as many small businesses have been suffering due to the ongoing pandemic. Happy holidays and happy shopping!

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