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On Friday February 4th, 2022, Nicki Minaj dropped her latest single “Do We Have a Problem” featuring Lil Baby. Along with the single, Minaj released a music video, which was directed by Benny Boom, whom she’s collaborated with many times. The nearly ten-minute-long music video depicts Minaj as both an anti-hero and a law enforcer. Many people around the world were also excited for the return of Minaj. On February 19th, “Do We Have a Problem” earned the number one spot of Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. It also was the most streamed track and top-selling song for its respected genre. 

Personally, as a barb, I was extremely excited when Minaj announced that she and Lil Baby were dropping a new single. Of course, as any good barb should, I waited till midnight and listened to the song when it first dropped. After my first listen, I was an immediate fan of the song; but the more I listen to it, I am appreciating it more and more. From time and time again, Nicki has proved that her rap game is truly top tier and no one, in my opinion, can compare to her. A lyric that stood out to me would be “Don’t mean a rapper when I say bitches ride the wave.” Here, Minaj is stating that she’s the blueprint (or should I say the pinkprint) and that she’s a trend setter and everyone else follows what she does. Another one that stood out to me “I don’t care how long it take to get a opp back. All my ****** outside, steak, bitch, we out back.” From what I understood, ‘opp’ is shortened for opponent, implying that she does not care how long it takes for her to get back at an opponent. Also, we all know that steak is a type of beef, which is slang for conflict. Steak could also be interpreted as a stake out, which parallels nicely with the music video because law enforcements will participate in stake outs. Lastly, outback can refer to the idea that Minaj is literally out back, as in outside, but also as in the restaurant Outback Steakhouse. There are so many more examples that convey Minaj’s lyrical mastery; but those are some of the examples that stood out to me. 

Along with the release of “Do We Have A Problem.” Minaj and Baby also dropped “Bussin” on February 11th, 2022. Although the song is very different frorm “Do We Have A Problem,” it’s still a great song and continues to show Minaj’s skill. When I first listened to it, I did think that it sounded similar to “FEFE’‘, a song by rapper 6ix9ine ft. Nicki Minaj. Specifically when she started the song with “Yeah, my connect just now sent my wrist back. Tell these *******, ‘Give my drip back’. Strawberry Ferrari, whip that”. Another set of lyrics that I enjoyed were from Lil Baby when he said, “Go to sleep in Paris, wakin’ up in Mykonos”. During Paris fashion week, Lil Baby was detained for drug possession. After his release, he was spotted in Mykonos five days later. The wordplay and flow for each artist was extremely refreshing and I would love to hear more from the two of them. 

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the two songs released by Minaj. Minaj has proven once again that she is truly the queen of rap, and that her word play is unmatched. However, with the release of these two new singles, are we getting a new album? Are we entering a new era? Will we get more songs with Lil Baby? Although I do not know the answers, I do hope that a new album will be released soon. In the meantime go stream “Do We Have A Problem” as well as “Bussin.”

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