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ryan gosling in barbie movie
ryan gosling in barbie movie
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‘The Fall Guy’: He’s Got Your Back

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

If there’s one thing everyone should know about me, it’s that I’ll never pass up a free movie. So when I noticed that P.A.C.E. Board had advertised a movie screening for the upcoming film, The Fall Guy, and without hesitation, I secured passes to attend. After devouring some lo mein and fried veggies from the Pace University dining hall, my friends and I trotted up to Regal Battery Park. Several escalators later, we had found our seats and settled in. Usually, I go into free movie experiences with some anxiety, mainly due to the fact I know almost nothing about the film. Am I about to waste the next two hours of my life on a terrible movie? However, I’m glad to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

Set to be released May 3, I had yet to see much promotion for this film, but I was hopeful, as the cast list was divine, with stars such as Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and more. The main character, Colt Seavers (Gosling), goes on a journey of self-discovery in hopes of achieving a rather wholesome goal. My friends and I found ourselves saying, “Awwwww,” nearly every five minutes, typically paired with a spout of laughter and an inkling of curiosity for what was to come.

This was a very pure, mostly lighthearted, action movie. Although at times I did get emotional and somewhat concerned for Seavers’ well-being, this movie is really a tale of perseverance and joy. ​​It made for a very fun night out. I couldn’t seem to stop laughing, and I found myself and my friends actually dancing and singing during parts of the film. I should have suspected that it would be hilarious, given Ryan Gosling’s background in comedy. Gosling has spectacular delivery, and while he has played a variety of roles in his extensive career, I find his comic roles to be absolutely amazing, including his performance as Ken in the 2023 film, Barbie

Another notable aspect of the film was the action sequences. While I would still consider it to be much more of a comedy, the action scenes are still executed very nicely and have everyone in the theater on the edge of their seats. Additionally, I appreciated the consistent nods to pop culture. One moment, Seavers was performing a dangerous stunt, and the next, he was crying in his car to Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well.” The film also mocked the infamous Dune franchise, truly distinguishing itself as a clever comedy and exhibiting director David Leitch’s commitment to entertainment.    

The Fall Guy is a fun, action-packed film with a star-studded cast, but what I found most special about the movie was that it was ultimately a love letter to all the stunt actors in the film industry. We often don’t consider the actors that truly make large films such as this one possible, and this movie shines a light on those individuals. Following the story of a stunt actor, viewers such as myself were encouraged to evaluate the importance of these individuals and grant them the recognition they deserve. This felt like a classic feel-good movie, perfect for anyone with a sense of humor.      

Sierra is a freshmen, Digital Marketing major and a Graphic Design minor at Pace University. She is a first year staff writer for Her Campus at Pace and enjoys writing more humorous pieces about pop culture. In the past, Sierra has written for her high school newsletter known as "The Dawg Print" and taken several journalism classes and she is looking forward to expanding on this background. In addition to Her Campus at Pace, Sierra is also a new member of the American Marketing Association at Pace and the P.A.C.E. Board. She enjoys brainstorming for both these clubs and especially likes that they expose her to people of all backgrounds and stories. Outside of school and work Sierra spends most of her time listening to music, watching romantic comedies, binging sit-coms, shopping for clothes she probably doesn’t need, going to museums, or exploring new places to eat. She likes a variety of different musical artists and will never turn down the opportunity to go to a concert. Sierra frequently watches the movies A Rainy Day in New York and Breakfast at Tiffany’s but is no stranger to shows such as The Office and New Girl. Sierra is also interested in museum hopping however her favorite exhibits remain at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.