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To continue my countdown to the best dessert shops in New York City, here are my next round picks!


1. Max Brenner


Located all around the city, this special place is a chocolate lovers dream! I went here for my birthday and they put a cute little sparkler in my chocolate Nutella and marshmallow pizza. The sampler fondue is perfect for people that want a taste of everything.



2. Taiyaki


Rated from every news outlet ever, this fish shaped cone soft serve is a refreshing treat! To make it even better, they can turn the ice cream into a unicorn with a horn and cute little ears.



3. Magnolia Bakery


My very first dessert stop in the city, this place does not disappoint. They serve everything you could ever want from cupcakes to ice box cakes and puddings.



4. Schmackary’s Cookies

This shop is almost too good to be true, because you can get two cookies for $5. The sweet frosting and soft cookies are so yummy. Some of my favorite flavors include Cookies and Crème, Red Velvet, and Peanut Butter Patty. These come in both gluten free and vegan flavors as well!



5. Momofuku Milk Bar

The cereal milk soft serve, milk quakes, and crack pie are to die for. This dessert bar is like no other!


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