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Sustainable Style & Community Empowerment: Fusion Magazine’s Thrifted Runway Event

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

This past Friday, Fusion Magazine, a newcomer magazine run by creative students at Pace University, held and presented their first ever thrifted runway event, the “Elements of Nature Thrifted Runway.” The event celebrated sustainable fashion and thrift store finds, showcasing outfits put together by students using items purchased from thrift stores. The event drew a large crowd and was a huge success. 

The thrifted runway event was the brainchild of the Fusion Magazine team, who wanted to showcase Pace University students’ creativity and fashion sense while promoting sustainable fashion practices. The event was open to all students, anyone could attend and see fellow students present outfits using only thrifted items. The outfits were then showcased on the runway, with each student walking and posing to show off their unique style. 

The outfits displayed at the event were truly impressive. They showcased the incredible range of fashion options available at thrift stores, from vintage jackets and dresses to funky accessories and shoes. Students combined pieces in unexpected ways, creating stylish and sustainable outfits. 

“The Elements of Nature Thrifted Runway” allowed me to reflect on sustainable fashion and how it can ultimately reduce our carbon footprints. Thrift stores and secondhand shops have long been popular destinations for those looking to save money on clothing, but they also offer a way to reduce our environmental impact. By shopping secondhand, we can help keep clothing out of landfills and reduce the demand for new clothing production, which is a significant contributor to carbon emissions and other environmental problems. 

The event also allowed students to express their individuality through fashion. Each outfit showcased the unique personality of the person wearing it, with some opting for bold prints and others for subtle textures. The thrifted outfits also allowed students to experiment with their style without breaking the bank, as thrift stores offer affordable prices compared to traditional retail stores. 

Along with the incredible students strutting down the runway, Pace students were lucky enough to see a performance by Brynn Cartelli, as the event was a collaboration with WarnerMusicU. Singer-songwriter Brynn Cartelli, 19, won season 14 of The Voice and became the youngest contestant to win the talent competition show. The audience was thrilled to see her perform, and her presence elevated the event even more. Cartelli then followed up with her latest single, Secondhand Smoke, which received an equally enthusiastic response from the crowd. The song’s emotional lyrics and Brynn’s powerful voice made for a moving performance that left many in awe. Her genuine enthusiasm and down-to-earth charm endeared her to everyone in attendance.  

The palpable sense of love and support permeated the entire event. One thing that stood out was how many students uplifted one another. It was clear that everyone involved in the show had put their heart and soul into it, and they were eager to support their fellow models as they strutted down the runway. As the models took turns on the catwalk, I noticed how many were cheering each other on from the sidelines. They shouted words of encouragement and clapped enthusiastically as their peers showed off the designs. Evidently, the students were genuinely invested in each other’s success and wanted to see everyone shine. 

The fashion show was a reminder of the power of community and how much we can accomplish when we support each other. Seeing so many young people come together and create something beautiful was encouraging, and I left the event feeling uplifted and inspired. 

she/her/hers Hi, I'm Lucy! I am studying Communications & Media Arts and Arts & Entertainment Management at Pace University in New York City.