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Study Ablog: An Ode to “My Forever Five Month Friends

Being in another country is hard, but finding people you can share the experience with is incredible.

Thank you for our late night talking sessions. Thank you for cooking dinner for me when I don’t feel well. Thank you for going on late night dessert and pizza runs with me. Thank you for dealing with my antics. Thank you for staying in the library until 1am, working on assignments and studying for exams. Thank you for having my back at the club and keeping me away from creepy people. Thank you for listening to me about the people and things I miss from home. Thank you for being stupid with me. Thank you for being spontaneous. Thank you for going on adventures with me. Thank you for the impromptu road trips. Thank you for reminding me to calm down, to have fun. Thank you for being my voice of reason while I am here. Thank you for exploring and learning about a new culture with me.

When you study abroad you know that life is going to be different than what you’re used to but you don’t realize until you get to your destination how much of a shock it can be. Instead of back home, where you chose your school because even though you may not be friends with every single person on campus, you all have a similar mind set, otherwise you would transfer. As opposed to studying abroad where you all chose to experience life in the same country, however this time you are thrown in with people that don’t handle situations the same or want to do the same activities as you. But if you can find that certain group of people that you enjoy being with, your experience will be nothing less than an adventure. You become so close in such a short amount of time. They become your family, your home away from home. They are your “forever five month friends” who become your “forever best friends.” Now you can say you know people from all over the world.

Tiffany is a born and raised New Yorker and a senior at Pace University in downtown Manhattan,majoring in Communications and double minoring in Literature and Women's & Gender Studies. Proud Feminist. Books,helping others, and traveling are her three main passions. That is why she wants to get into YA publishing and why she's here to help her fellow collegiates! In Omnia Paratus!
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