Spring into Urban Outfitter’s Floral Pop-Up Shop

Urban Outfitters
United States

Don’t we all love fashion that truly speaks to us, especially with earthy room decor? Well, our neighbor, Urban Outfitters, held a pop-up event the weekend of March 23rd, welcoming spring to the city. Although freezing is an understatement, I can’t help but appreciate how this super hip brand invites the warmth of the season. Their “Flower Market” was a truly refreshing experience, lemme tell ya.

I didn’t know I needed a little more vegetation until I arrived at the Flower Market, which gained a lot of attention from the public. I mean…it was packed! There are many reasons why staying up to date on the latest pop up shops is vital to a city girl; one of them is indulging in the unique atmosphere brought to you by your favorite brands! One thing I know for sure is that the neon logo was welcoming. In fact, admiring it whilst chatting outside was part of the experience.

Inside, there were options between real and faux plants. I also found unique pottery, a plant guide, and even sage! It was inevitable to stay for more than just a few minutes; good vibes were definitely being spread throughout the market. My favorite part of the pop up was the use of space, which was organized to perfection. I also loved the use of other neon signs, which really amplified the botanical look in the small space. A little green never hurt the city; in fact, we love it!

I took home a cute poster, a sticker, and one of their unique business cards – besides the succulents I had to purchase for my window sill. New season? New me, and new room decor. The cool thing about their pop us is that you can totally find many of the products in store…can it get any better? So be on the lookout for more of their seasonal pop-up shops around the city to keep up your decor aesthetic!