Soho House Eats

Chelsea, NY
United States

This fall semester, I recently began interning with Tarin Thomas, a jewelry company based and made in New York City that blends both masculine and feminine qualities into their pieces. Occasionally we work out of Ludlow House on the Lower East Side and SoHo House in the Meatpacking District. This past Friday we posted up on the rooftop at the SoHo House Hotel and of course we had to take a quick break to refuel so, we ordered lunch. My boss and her friend, Jane, frequent this rooftop from time to time and have eaten almost everything on the menu. So, when we were deciding what we should have for lunch, they mentioned the soup and sandwich combo. Since this option is not listed on the regular menu, we are going to call it part of the secret menu that only hip, chic New Yorkers know about.

The soup and sandwich combo included a bowl of lentil soup and a grilled cheese. I am 100% not exaggerating when I say this was the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had. The bread looked like normal sourdough bread but had the consistency of a croissant and surprisingly, it was actually cheesy. I’ve had my fair share of GC’s before and my biggest pet peeve is when there’s only one or two paper thin slices of cheese between an overwhelming amount of bread. This was the perfect ratio of bread to cheese. And not only was the sandwich amazing, I was incredibly impressed with the lentil soup. When I heard what soup was paired with the sandwich, I was hesitant to order the combo solely because I’ve never been a huge fan of lentil soup. But, let me tell you, this lentil soup was cooked perfectly, preserving the slight crunch of the lentils all while maintaining the right consistency without being mushy.

Although SoHo House is an exclusive members only club, if you ever happen to acquire a friend who is a member, be sure to ask what their soup and sandwich of the day is!