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We’ve known that Sabrina Carpenter was one of the up-and-coming pop girlies for quite some time. However, I’m so glad that the world is finally beginning to understand what Sabrina Carpenter is capable of. On Oct. 31, 2023, Carpenter released the music video for her hit song, “Feather,” a deluxe track from emails i can’t send: fwd. Carpenter is most known for her role as Maya Hart on Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World. She has been releasing music since 2015 and has consistently grown in popularity. Most recently, the singer was the opening act for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour for the shows in Mexico City and will be the opening act for her once again in Argentina and Brazil this month.

Right in time for Halloween, “Feather” is a horror-inspired music video where the pop star feels happy and free after being the mastermind behind several deaths of ignorant and toxic men. Throughout the video, it’s clear that the pop star is reminding men that their actions will cause their destruction. In one scene, Carpenter crosses the road, and three men get hit by a bus. In another, a man takes a picture of the singer, which eventually leads to his tie getting stuck in the elevator doors. She’s clearly minding her business, and these men won’t leave her alone because they feel they need to win her attention. From catcalling on the street to punching each other to death, Carpenter doesn’t care what happens to them. At the end of the video, the singer is dancing in a Catholic church, surrounded by pastel-colored caskets, celebrating and seemingly poking fun at their deaths. The final scene shows the pop star walking out of the church smiling, while the song says, “I feel so much lighter like a feather, with you off my mind.” She finally gets into her pink hearse and drives away, completely unbothered and happy. 

Honestly, this is one of the best music videos that I’ve watched in a long time. There was no detail left out of this lighthearted, satirical video. First, Carpenter looked stunning in every outfit she wore. Whether she’s rocking a mini skirt, black and pink platform heels, or a short and puffy black dress, she is always at the top of her fashion game. Secondly, the pop culture references are incredible and hard to miss. The whole video reminded me of the 2009 cult-classic film Jennifer’s Body. Also, the three men getting hit by a bus appeared to be a reference to the iconic 2004 film Mean Girls. Additionally, one man is reading a book titled, “Tampons Should Be Free.” This video has many tiny details that make it seem whole and well-conceptualized (I wonder what I’ve missed?). 

While everything I said above is true, one of the reasons why I’m obsessed with this music video is because it’s caused somewhat of an uproar. Part of the music video was filmed at the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Brooklyn, N.Y. However, the Catholic church is upset by the contents of the video, particularly that the pop star was dancing provocatively on the altar. In the past few months, while talking with some friends, we agreed that art should be full of risks, and that true art is supposed to make people feel something. These conversations have stayed prominent in my mind, and looking at both the past and present, I admire those who take risks and take a non-traditional route. Whether it’s discomfort, happiness, or sadness, art should create a discussion and make the public think about what they’ve just indulged in. Whether you agree or disagree with the church’s attitude towards the music video, Carpenter is doing what many aren’t willing to do. Although I, personally, don’t find this scenario to be scandalous, it seems that Carpenter will make art how she wants to, no matter how some may feel. There are many artists today who put out beautiful works of art, but is anyone truly stepping outside of their lane and unafraid to take risks? 

If you haven’t watched this music video, I need you to stop what you’re doing and watch it immediately. I highly recommend listening to the deluxe album emails i can’t send: fwd.  If you’re looking for a fun pop record, then you will enjoy this. Carpenter has slowly been rising to the top and is on her way to becoming a pop princess. The world needs to watch her closely and give her the spotlight she deserves. 

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