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Rory Gilmore Is My Academic Coach

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

Sept. 23, the official mark of Autumn and the official start of my annual rewatch of Gilmore Girls. In the tight-knit community that is Stars Hollow live Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, the protagonists of this beloved show. Full of quirky characters and copious cups of coffee, this show provides prime entertainment and comfort that only a show from the 2000s could deliver. Playing well into the fall and academic aesthetics, you cannot help but romanticize not only your personal life but your academic life as well. Romanticizing life means viewing and experiencing every facet of life with a sense of curiosity and gratitude. It means uncovering the beauty within the mundane, monotonous, and trying aspects of life. To romanticize life is to infuse it with enchantment and passion, driving you to become a better version of yourself. As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp, the enchanting atmosphere that is encapsulated in Gilmore Girls offers the perfect cozy setting to center your attention on academics.

While at first, Gilmore Girls may seem like an unlikely source of academic inspiration, it’s a trove of life lessons and motivation. In the show, Rory Gilmore is an overachiever, always studying and letting nothing get in her way. Watching Rory focus on her future drives me to prioritize my education and further my own career. When feeling particularly unmotivated, I watch an episode of Gilmore Girls and find myself revitalized, ready to conquer my schoolwork. With a cute outfit on and my classical music playlist in the background, I’m no longer Federica Furingo, but Rory Gilmore, the ideal student. 

Rory’s passion for learning is truly infectious. Her dedication to her studies and her insatiable thirst for knowledge make education feel like an exciting adventure, influencing me to look at my studies in a new light. Ever since watching Gilmore Girls, I have become a better student, reading more and becoming engrossed in my subjects. I typically have a set routine of going to the library or coffee shops to study and read. I found that this helped me develop a stricter mindset and achieve my goals. When losing inspiration, I am back on my bed, coffee in hand, ready to immerse myself once more in the show’s comforting embrace, knowing it will propel me forward.

What always works for me is throwing on some pajamas, making coffee, finding the perfect seating position (preferably smushing my pillows for optimal comfort), and hitting play, for there is no better way than kicking off fall and a new semester with Gilmore Girls.

Federica Furingo is a freshman at Pace University in New York City and member of Her Campus. She is majoring in Communications and Media Studies and hopes to minor in Public Relations. She is very passionate about writing and loves to express her thoughts and opinions on various musical artists, movies, and shows. Aside from Her Campus at Pace, Federica has owned an Etsy shop where she designed and created aesthetic bookmarks and candles. She managed a social media account for her business and engaged with authors and other Etsy business owners. She hopes one day to work in the Public Relations field. In her free time, Federica volunteers in her hometown with the Just4Kixs organization. She is tasked to help and teach soccer to children with autism. She finds this very enjoyable and loves to create a safe and welcome atmosphere wherever she goes. She is also an avid reader and spends a great time reading different genres such as fantasy and romance. She enjoys going to concerts, movies, hanging with friends, and playin guitar. You can probably find her walking her dog or blasting One Direction, occasionally both at the same time. Federica looks forward to writing articles for Her Campus and making new friends throughout the year.