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As much as everyone hates to admit it, we all have a guilty pleasure. If you’re currently seeking a new one, I suggest watching The Bachelor. There is absolutely no shortage of drama and adorable moments that will make your heart melt. Since the season has already started airing, I made a little recap for you to catch up on all the new excitement this season.

Week 1

  • Location: Bachelor Mansion
  • Colton met the 30 women that are all competing for his love.
  • Hannah G. stood out to Colton and she walked away with the first impression rose (probably the most sought after rose of the season, aside from the final rose).

Week 2

  • Location: California
  • Dates: 2 group dates, 1 one-on-one date
  • One-on-one: The first one on one date was given to Hannah B., the pageant girl from Alabama. Her date started off very awkward – half of the footage shown was just the two of them sitting in silence. Colton expressed his frustration and she hesitantly began to talk about herself and avoided getting sent home by getting the date rose.
  • Group Dates: The first group date was a trip to a theater to tell stories in front of a huge crowd. All of the girls on the date have to tell a story about the first time they did something. Obviously, there was loads of drama. Demi kissed Colton in front of everyone, some girls threw major shade in their stories, and other girls got extremely personal. Once the first half of the date was over, they all met back up for a cocktail party where Elyse was handed the group date rose.The second group date was a trip to camp. Yes, you read that correctly. Colton brought 12 girls to a summer camp where they competed in two different team activities like tug-of-war and canoe racing. The team that lost the competition was sent home, while the winning team was able to have extra time with Colton. After a long day, Heather (the girl who’s never been kissed) was given the group date rose.
  • At the Rose Ceremony, four women were sent home: Erika, Angelique, Alex, and Annie.

Week 3

  • Location: California
  • Dates: 2 group dates, 1 one-on-one date
  • One-on-one: Colton chose Elyse to go on the date with him and took her on a helicopter ride to an amusement park, which was shut down just for them. He told her that it was actually going to be a group date and moments later they were charged at by about 15 children from a local children’s hospital. This date was very important for Colton, as he is constantly working with children. He also made it very obvious that he is looking for someone to start a family with. Elyse was great with the kids and she told Colton a very touching story about her family background. She got the rose at the end of the date
  • Group Dates: For the first group date, Colton takes a group of girls to another theater. Here, they are asked to dress up in pirate costumes and reenact Pirates of the Caribbean. The girls compete to save Colton and to be crowned the best pirate. Caelynn (another pageant girl with some serious history with Hannah B.) wins the competition and gets a kiss from Colton. A lot of the girls are upset about it, but Hannah B. is “shook” as she says. The rest of the date focuses on the two pageant girls fighting. During both of their one-on-one time with Colton, they bring up the fact that the other girl is ‘fake’ or ‘not whom you think she is’ (these two would be great contenders for the iconic a two-on-one date with Colton). Even with all the drama, Caelynn still gets the rose for the group date.The next group date is a CrossFit activity where the girls compete in events like flipping a giant tire and pulling a car. Colton realized that his relationship with one of the girls (Caitlin) wasn’t going anywhere and he sent her home. Nicole stood out to Colton on this date and she was given the rose.
  • At the Rose, Ceremony Colton sent home three more girls: Nina, Catherine, and Brianna.

Week 4

  • Location: Singapore
  • Dates: 1 group date, 2 one-on-one dates
  • One-on-ones: The first one-on-one went to Tayshia. Her and Colton faced their fears and went bungee jumping. They ended the day over dinner where Tayshia admits that she just recently got married and then divorced her first boyfriend shortly after. For opening up, Colton gives her the date rose.Caelynn was awarded the other one-on-one for this week and she opened up a lot with Colton. She shared a very brave and powerful story about her time in college and how she was sexually assaulted. Colton was very supportive of her and he  really seemed upset that something so terrible could happen to her. He talks about his experience with survivors of sexual assault and how he dealt with that. His ex, Olympic gold medal gymnast Aly Raisman, came out – along with 160+ woman – and said they were assaulted by Larry Nassar. Colton talks about how hard it was to watch her go through everything, but he was very supportive of both Aly and Caelynn. At the end of the date, Caelynn was given the rose. As the show was airing, many girls from the season were showing their support for Caelynn.
  • Group Date: The group date was a big one with 13 girls attending. Colton took them to sightsee in Singapore where they walked through the market and tried some exotic foods and went shopping. At the end of the date, Demi is rewarded with the group date rose.
  • At the Rose Ceremony, Tracy and Courtney were sent home.

Now that you’re all caught up, invite all your friends over and throw a great Bachelor Monday party!

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