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Ranking the Most Anticipated Songs from 1989 (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Swift has shocked the world again. The pop superstar just dropped her new single “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)”. The song is a fan and critic favorite from her critically acclaimed album 1989. The album was released on October 27, 2014, and was Swift’s first Pop album. The album was a huge hit, became certified Diamond, and won Album of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, and Best Music Video for “Bad Blood”. However, with the release of “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)”, now fans are wondering if 1989 (Taylor’s Version) could come before the November 19th release of Red (Taylor’s Version). While we wait for an announcement, that could come any moment, here are my most anticipated songs to hear on the new 1989 album.

16.Bad Blood

While “Bad Blood” isn’t necessarily a bad song, it is kind of repetitive. I hope Taylor releases the remix with Kendrick Lamar though.

15.Shake it Off

I feel like this song was so overplayed in its prime that I am not ecstatic for it to be re-released onto the radio. I love this song, and it makes me feel twenty times better on bad days, but we have better songs on the album.

14.This Love

This song is cute, but I feel like we have so many Taylor songs that sound exactly like it. Maybe a new flare could spike interest for me?

13.I Know Places

This song is okay. I get the underlying message Taylor is trying to convey. But I am just not into the hunter and prey vibes. The chorus will sound beautiful though!

12.You Are In Love

This song sounds like the predecessor for folklore and evermore songs. If this was released on one of the sister albums, I feel like everyone would have loved it. I like the different energy it gives on 1989, but I wish it was placed somewhere better on the tracklist.

11.I Wish You Would

If the conflict had a theme song, it would be this. I love how Taylor tells a story through her songwriting. Once again, Jack Antonoff delivers a spectacular song.

10.All You Had To Do Was Stay

This song is another pop hit in the making. I hope she promotes this more during 1989 (Taylor’s Version). The song is catchy and loveable. I hope she brings more confidence to the chorus during the re-recordings.

9.Welcome to New York

This is the best opener for 1989. The song sets up the album theme, the era of Taylor’s life, and what the audience can expect. While the song seems simple, the verses reflect everyone’s first adventure in life. As a college student in New York City, I am grateful to understand the emotions young Taylor felt in this song.

8.How You Get the Girl

Why do men not listen to Taylor Swift? She literally lays out a song that describes what everyone wants from a relationship! This song should have been a radio hit, but the world was not ready for its power.


It the beautiful closer to the original 1989 CD. I think Taylor’s album closers get overlooked, but the message of this song cannot be missed.


This song is a recent favorite of mine. The second chorus makes me feel like I am in a whirlwind. The Alice in Wonderland references are perfectly placed. I think she’ll have fun with this re-recording.

5.Wildest Dreams

Surprise! We already have this, and it is spectacular. I’m not sure why Taylor dropped this on a random September Friday, but it is trending on Tik Tok! Go queen, get your Tik Tok money.

4.Out of the Woods

While this song is phenomenal, I think Taylor’s matured voice will suit this so well! I am so excited to relive the Haylor snowmobile accident and scream the bridge of this song.

3.New Romantics

This song is an undercover gem. This song is what “Welcome to New York” wishes she could be. Taylor is confident, blinding, and taking us all to the heart of Manhattan. The song is energetic, and I need to experience it live. Every time I listen, it feels like a dream.

2.Blank Space

This song was a gigantic success for Taylor and was even placed on the top 500 songs of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine. I think re-experiencing the perfection that is “Blank Space” is going to make this timeless classic new.

1. Style

This is one of the best Pop songs to exist. The song is cool catchy and addicting. It is a timeless song from Taylor, and I think her matured voice and confidence will elevate it to new heights. I am so excited for this re-recording, and I thank Harry Styles every day for making this song a thing.

Will Taylor release 1989 (Taylor’s Version) soon? I have no idea Taylor is dipping into different eras and albums every other day. But I truly, hope she gives us this victory and releases 1989 (Taylor’s Version) soon.

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