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As an avid Pedro Pascal fan, I thought I should rank some of the absolute serves Pedro Pascal has given us. These serves range from “absolutely stunning, yes sir, I wish I could pull that look off” to “dear God please take that off your body, that is hideous, please never again.”

Disclaimer: I know nothing about fashion as my closet is full of t-shirts and jeans, I just happen to know very well when Pedro Pascal looks sexy.

GQ Germany Cover

This outfit is by far one of the best things I have ever seen this man in. The suit fits him perfectly and the color is absolutely divine. If Marie Kondo were here, I’d tell her that this outfit sparks immense joy. 

GQ Germany Boots

This outfit is also up there. GQ always knows how to style its subjects, but they really hit the nail on the head with this one. The blue looks absolutely amazing, and the boots really add that extra hit to it. 

Variety Green

The overcoat, the little patch, the full on green co-ord, perfection to say the least. The mixture of earthy colors does wonders in complimenting him and his hair looks absolutely wonderful. I honestly love this look. 


We love a COVID-conscious king who knows that his actions have to be modified. The ghost tie trend is in full swing and Pedro Pascal is at the forefront of the movement. Also, THAT COAT AND THOSE SHOES I JUST CAN’T. He is perfection. 

D23 Expo Floral

This is the birthplace of a meme but his actual outfit isn’t too bad. The overall brown undertone of the shirt with the full brown pants and brown shoes isn’t my favorite thing and the fit is a little wrong but all in all I think it was a good idea in retrospect, not execution though. 

The Lion King Premire

This one is a toss up in my opinion- in some photos it looks great, in others it doesn’t look too hot. I like the casualty of the half-tucked shirt and the sunglasses, but he also just looks sort of… disheveled. It has a boyish charm that works well enough. 

Dead Last: The Denim Shirt From Hell

I HATE this shirt and I wish he would never wear it again because it is SO bad. Sir PLEASE BURN this garment. I understand it is one of your best interviews when you wore this shirt and it was shot by the World Trade Center. But PLEASE it makes me want to cry.

I'm Christina and I'm a double major at Pace! My majors are Adolescent Education withe history concentration & History. I also have a minor in Anthropology/Sociology. I'm a massive Star Wars & Marvel nerd and I write about both quite often.
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