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Pedestrian Paradise: A Guide To Walking in Lower Manhattan

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

Walking has been one of my favorite things to do since I started studying at Pace University! I love discovering new stores, parks, and even new neighborhoods. It also acts as a stress reliever and connection with nature for me as well. Since I love walking so much, I wanted to share some of my favorite basic and nonbasic spots to either walk to or walk through. My favorite all-time path to walk along is the Hudson River Park. The Hudson River Park is a set of piers parallel to the infamous Hudson River. With the park beginning down in Tribeca at Pier 25 and ending uptown in the Hell’s Kitchen area at Pier 97, it provides a lot of opportunities to find new restaurants to try and even gives New Yorkers access to several sports facilities like the soccer fields located at Pier 40, tennis/basketball courts at Pier 25, and skateboarding. The park offers lots of opportunities for New Yorkers to connect with nature. 

After walking uptown through the Hudson River Park, head through the winding West Village streets and take a break in the iconic NYU-claimed Washington Square park. It doesn’t quite come close to the breathtaking Central Park, but there is always some sort of activity occurring near the arch or the fountain. Continuing through the park, keep heading further east to approach the East Village. The East Village is home to all things artsy, like various record stores, thrift shops, and anything slightly out of the ordinary. The East Village is the poster child of having a vast variety of dining options featuring all different cuisine options. Instead of having dessert, you should walk along the streets and settle into one of the comedy clubs before heading further south to Little Italy. It really connects me to my “Italian roots.” (Are you really Italian if you don’t constantly bring up the fact that you’re Italian?) I love the small sidewalks covered in plants and outdoor seating areas. I also love how every restaurant welcomes customers off the street. Little Italy is the perfect place to walk through when you miss your Italian Grandma. Little Italy is filled with charm and cozy vibes. 

After making your way through Little Italy, keep heading downtown to the South Street Seaport. The Seaport has such a variety of activities that can accommodate all ages it is actually my favorite spot to bring my family when they come to visit me. The best memories of my friends always happen to occur at the Seaport. We love doing homework there, eating every meal possible, listening to artists practice their sets before shows and aimlessly wandering the cobblestone streets. Don’t even get me started on the stunning views of both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. If you keep walking further past the seaport, still heading south, you will reach Battery Park. Battery Park is home to many of the iconic ferry ports, featuring the Staten Island ferry and Statue of Liberty ferries as well.

Maddie Hobart is a new general member in the Pace University Her Campus chapter! Maddie is eager to start writing articles independently and collaboratively with fellow chapter members, alongside attending weekly meetings. Besides being a Her Campus member Maddie is a sophomore digital marketing major within the Lubin School of Business. Maddie has experience with clerical work due to past office jobs during her high school career. Maddie has also dabbled with several writing courses in her free time and can not wait to showcase that in her Her Campus articles. Maddie's interests include taking dance classes, going on picnics with friends, exploring New York City, and watching rom coms. Maddie has an unconditional love for all things Taylor Swift and is always looking to meet fellow Swifties. Maddie can often be spotted with her friends walking around the city or shopping. She is always looking for new clothing pieces to broaden her style and aesthetic. One of Maddie's other areas of interest would be the makeup and skincare industry. She is always trying to upgrade her routine by using the best products available. Maddie is beyond passionate about trying new things and breaking out of her shell whether that includes attending on campus events or finding new things to do around the city!