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Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Guts Tour’ is Never a Bad Idea, Right?

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

There’s nowhere I’d rather spill my guts than with Olivia Rodrigo at Madison Square Garden (MSG). On April 6, I had the privilege of being able to finally see Rodrigo at the second sold-out night of her GUTS World Tour here in New York. This was my first time seeing her live, and it was everything I’ve dreamed of and more.

I arrived around 6:50 p.m. and immediately saw fans dressed to the nines in Doc Martens and Converse, sashes (inspired by the recently released “obsessed” music video), and of course loads and loads of purple. The crowd ranged from young kids to teenagers to 20-year old’s to parents, showing how diverse Rodrigo’s fanbase truly is. The first thing I did once I got inside was race to the nearest merch booth. For those who love a merch haul, I got the gray “spill her guts live” t-shirt as well as the Italian charm bracelet and the city-specific charm. After that I got the second most important factor at a Madison Square Garden show: the MSG hot dog. This hot dog has grown a sort of cult following between fans who frequent the venue. 

This tour really has solidified Rodrigo as the next face of the music industry, as she seamlessly made her way through her discography. Her stage presence has infinitely grown since her debut in 2021. This especially shines in the 20-minute race to the end filled with hits such as “brutal,” “all-american bitch,” and “get him back!” That doesn’t mean we didn’t get Rodrigo’s classic tearjerker moments. The most intimate moments between the popstar and her crowd were her performances of “driver’s license” and “teenage dream.” Rodrigo led the crowd with her vocals and piano before fading out and letting the crowd take over. Her performance of “teenage dream” featured visuals of a young Rodrigo dancing and singing, leaving the crowd (and specifically me) with tears in our eyes. The production value of the show has also significantly gone up since her previous Sour Tour, notably seen during a magical moment when Rodrigo gets on a huge moon and flies around the whole arena. Suspended above the crowd she sings fan favorite ballads “logical” and “enough for you.” This time around she has also introduced dancers, guitar solos, more outfit changes, and visuals, never leaving fans bored, even when she’s off stage. My personal favorite outfit of the night is her encore outfit. It’s composed of sparkle shorts, star tights, a red bra, and a tank top that is swapped out every night, adding a personal touch to each show. Thanks to my roommate, I even scored some of the printed confetti (which was introduced at the New York dates) that thanked fans for coming to the show in Rodrigo’s handwriting.

As a “Livie,” I am livid that I’m not going to another show of the GUTS World Tour.

Caitlin Carrell is a member of Her Campus at Pace University. She enjoys writing about pop culture, movies, music, and concerts. She is currently a Junior majoring in Communications with minors in Arts and Entertainment Management and Film Studies. In the future, Caitlin hopes to work in the film industry in a marketing or public relations position. Outside of Her Campus, Caitlin originally grew up in Manhattan but has since lived in Texas, Kansas, and Tennessee before returning. In her free time, she enjoys concerts, watching movies, musical theatre, and reading. Her favorite artists are Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, Olivia Rodrigo, Sabrina Carpenter, and boygenius. Her current favorite movies are Little Women (2019) and Clue (1985) and is very active on Letterboxd.